This Bread Hack Will Make Your Sandwiches Extra Soft on the Inside

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There's something about toasted bread that makes sandwiches extra delicious. However, if you've ever wished a toasted sandwich had softer insides, you'll want to check out a clever hack shared by @byjillee on Instagram.


In a recent video, the content creator explains how to toast just one side of each slice of bread. All you need to do is place ‌both‌ slices in one slot in your toaster. This way, the outsides will be perfectly toasted, while the insides will stay soft and chewy.

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"Oooh, and the mayo will still soak into the bread [and] not drip out!" pointed out one Instagram user. "Our next BLT's will be made this way," commented another person.

Of course, in order to this sandwich hack to work, your bread will need to be thin enough to double up in the toaster. Thicker slices won't be able to fit. In this case, you can try toasting the bread in a pan on the stovetop. This approach might take a bit longer, but if you're longing for those chewy insides, it could be worth a shot.


Other sandwich and bread hacks:

While we're on the topic of sandwiches, you'll want to try making sheet pan breakfast sandwiches. The technique, which was shared by @brunchwithbabs on TikTok, involves baking eggs in a sheet pan and toasting bread in the oven. It's a clever way to make breakfast sandwiches in bulk without spending ‌forever‌ at the stovetop.


If you buy bread in plastic packaging, try twisting the material and folding it back over the bread. This trick will create a tighter seal and prevent your bread from drying out. The best part? It doesn't require plastic ties or clips, which is always a plus.

Another way to make bread last longer (regardless of the original packaging) is to keep it in a reusable airtight container. Happy sandwich making!



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