This Food Storage Hack Is a Game-Changer for Bread Lovers

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We're big fans of food hacks, especially when they involve tricks for helping food last longer. After all, there's nothing worse than buying groceries with your hard-earned cash, only to see them spoil before your eyes. One particular hack that we recently discovered involves storing sliced bread, and it's the best thing since, well, sliced bread.


Video of the Day

In a recent TikTok video, user @pairswellwithwhine shows us how a rectangular flip-top container can be used for storing bread. But instead of taking the bread out of the bag and placing it in the container, they insert the entire loaf — bag and all — and then fold the top of the bag over the container's opening. (Think of it like lining a garbage can with a trash bag, but with something already in it.)


With the flip-top in place, the container will provide an air-tight seal and keep your bread fresh. Plus, when you need a slice of bread, you can pull down the edges of the plastic bag to push the sliced bread upward. Simply grab a slice, then push the loaf back down with the top. This way, you don't have to stick your hand into the bag.


If you have knack for losing the twist ties that come with sliced bread, you'll likely find value in this hack. The same goes if you're just looking for ways to prevent bread from going stale before you can eat it.

Other bread hacks:

When you love bread as much as we do, bread hacks are always welcome. One of our favorite bread storage hacks is wrapping the bread with excess packaging. All you need to do is twist the plastic, then fold it over the remaining bread in the bag. Done and done.

Another excellent hack involves decoding plastic bread ties and tags. As it turns out, the different colors indicate the day of the week the bread was baked on. And while it's still important to refer to the bread's actual expiration date, this bit of info can offer extra insight on the freshness of the bread.