This Bread Storage Hack Is Easier Than Using Those Plastic Ties

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When it comes to storing a bag of bread, sometimes those plastic ties and tags just don't cut it. After all, we've all been in a position where our bread ends up moldy or dry because its packaging wasn't sealed tightly enough.


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Fortunately, @kokobeaute on TikTok shared a way to seal a package of bread without using one of those annoying ties. All you have to do is twist the excess plastic packaging and then fold rest of the plastic over the bread in the bag. It's the latter part of this hack we're most interested in, since most of us already twist our bread bags when storing them.


By covering the bread with excess packaging, it creates an even tighter seal that can prevent the bread from drying out. It can also protect the bread from moisture, which can in turn cause mold to form. Plus, this technique acts as an extra way to ensure that the twisted bag won't unravel when you're not looking. And you don't even have to buy anything else, like a snack bag clip, to do this!


When it comes to our bread, we will do anything to keep it from going bad, so this hack will definitely come in handy.

How else can you keep bread from molding?

According to Tablespoon, bread should be stored in a cool, dark place away from heat and humidity. If you're not planning on using all your bread anytime soon, you might want to consider storing it in the freezer so that it's available for a longer period of time.

Baking Kneads also advises that you consider using a bread box, cloth bread bag, or brown paper bag to store your bread. These methods also allow for air circulation, so that moisture won't build up and lead to moldy bread.