Martha Stewart Has a Surprising Trick for Preventing Soggy Waffles

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If homemade waffles are part of your weekly rotation, you've likely experienced your fair share of soggy waffles. It can be a bummer, to say the least — especially if you're cooking for other people. But who says you need to settle for squishy waffles? Thanks to the one and only Martha Stewart, we recently discovered a trick for keeping waffles crispy.


The hack was recently shared on TikTok, where Stewart demonstrated the technique. Basically, when you remove the waffle from the waffle maker, simply toss it between your (clean) hands to let the steam escape. This will reduce moisture in the waffle, ensuring it stays crispy.


However, you'll want to use caution when handling hot waffles. For starters, consider using a fork to take the waffle out of the maker. Also, be mindful of the waffle maker's lid, which might also be hot.

If you're wary about handling hot waffles, you could always use a pair of heat-resistant kitchen gloves. Better safe than sorry!

Other tricks to avoid prevent soggy waffles:

In addition to tossing waffles between your hands, you can also try the following techniques:


  • Use a preheated waffle iron. If the maker is not hot enough, it won't efficiently evaporate the moisture in the waffle.
  • Avoid stacking hot waffles, which will trap moisture and make the bottom ones squishy.
  • Place cooked waffles on a wire rack to prevent steam from accumulating along the bottoms.
  • Put the wire rack on a baking sheet and place it in the oven at 250°F. This will keep the waffles warm without making them soggy.
  • If a waffle goes limp, toss it in the toaster to crisp it up. This is also helpful for reviving leftover waffles that might have become soggy in the refrigerator.

See you never, sad waffles.



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