This New Costco Grazing Board Is Nearly 3 Feet Long

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If your Thanksgiving plans include a delicious grazing board, you'll want to swing by Costco soon. According to @costcohotfinds on Instagram, the warehouse is offering a beautiful acacia wood version — and it's an impressive 2.5 feet long.


\What's more, the item costs just $19.99 in stores. "This is such an insanely good price for this board," notes @costcohotfinds in their video. "It's so beautiful and I can't wait to fill it."

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The grazing board is also available on the Costco website, though at a higher price point of $23.99. Even then, it's still relatively affordable, considering how big it is.

According to the product page, "each piece is uniquely handcrafted from acacia wood for a natural touch. Acacia is ideal for food as the wood is dense and resists moisture." (Good to know!)


And in case you're wondering, the board measures nearly nine inches wide and is just under one inch thick. It also weighs about five pounds.

"Grabbed one a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT," commented one Costco shopper. "I've already put it to use." Other folks chimed in, adding that they've scooped up a few for gifts.


If you're interested in the grazing board, stop by your local warehouse. You can also call Costco in advance to check if the product is in stock. For reference, the item number is 1590929.

How to store a gigantic grazing board:

If you're unsure how or where to store this board, you're not alone. On Instagram, many shoppers were concerned about storage and space. Here are a few suggestions from fellow users:


  • If you have empty space on top of your cabinets, lay it across the top
  • Stand it up against the wall in your pantry
  • Hang it on the wall (with a heavy-duty nail, of course)

Happy grazing!



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