This Candy Corn Grilled Cheese Is Horrifying — But We Can't Look Away

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Candy corn is already controversial enough as it is, but what about adding it to arguably one of the greatest comfort foods of all time? Influencer @thevulgarchef shared their recipe for candy corn grilled cheese, and it's, well, vulgar to say the least.


The Vulgar Chef is known for sharing questionable food creations across social media, like coffee ramen and bologna pie, but the chef really outdid themselves this time, with one commenter calling the creation an abomination.

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The chef begins with two pieces of white bread and uses a cup to hollow out the middle, presumably to make more room for the candy corn. They spread mayonnaise on the outside of both slices before placing them on a hot skillet. This is a neat trick that makes the toast extra crispy.

Next, The Vulgar Chef places the bread mayo-side down on a hot skillet, tops with cheese, and a very generous amount of candy corn. They cover the sweets with another slice of cheese before placing a lid over the skillet to make sure the cheese fully melts. Once everything is softened to the perfect level of gooeyness, both sides of the bread are placed together to create the sandwich.

The chef tries their creation and seems to be unsure if they like it, but after topping with some hot sauce, they seem to be pretty satisfied with their concoction.

Fans of the creator were appalled — and rightfully so. Hey, maybe it's a little corny, but the vile recipes are what made this chef so popular in the first place.



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