This Hack Lets You Reuse Broken Hangers in the Most Clever Way

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There's nothing worse than sifting through your closet, only to find a broken hanger or two. But instead of tossing it in the trash and calling it a day, you might want to hold that thought. Thanks to a brilliant trick from Instagram user @tidywithspark, you can repurpose that broken hanger.


According to her video, you'll need tape and curtain rings with clips. Simply slip the rings through the crack in the hanger, then wrap a piece of tape around the broken ends. This way, you can use the clips to hold hats and keep them together in your closet. Love it!

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BTW, if your curtain rings don't have clips, you can still take advantage of this project. The rings are great for storing things like scarves, belts, and bags. For the latter items, you'll want to attach the buckle of each belt (or the handle of each bag) onto the actual ring.

It's worth mentioning that the content creator used red tape on black hangers, but you can use any color tape you'd like. Also, masking tape or duct tape will likely work best, though you may need to experiment depending on the specific hanger.


Either way, this project makes it easy to organize your closet while keeping hangers out of the landfill. Score.

Other ways to repurpose old items:

If you have a pile of old books on hand, consider using them to make a monochromatic bookshelf. All you need to do is wrap paper around the spines, then secure them with a piece of tape. (However, if you love the idea of a personal "blind date with a book," you could definitely do this with books you actually plan to read.)


For a more seasonal take on upcycling, be sure to save those old or dingy pool noodles. From spooky candles to oversized spiders, there are plenty of pool noodle Halloween projects to choose from.



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