This Hack Lets You Create a Monochromatic Bookshelf With Minimal Effort

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There's something so alluring about a monochromatic bookshelf. It's equal parts soothing, dramatic, and chic. However, if you're lusting after a super-cohesive look, it can be tricky to find books in the same exact color. That's where this brilliant trick by TikTok user @kassyrandazzo comes in.


Video of the Day

In a TikTok video, @kassyrandazzo shows us how to achieve the look by wrapping old books with paper. But instead of wrapping the ​entire​ cover of each book, she only covers the spine with a strip of paper. She then secures the paper with tape. Once styled together, the covered books create a sleek monochromatic look.

Needless to say, this hack can save a lot of time and money. It's also an excellent way to reuse old books without using too much paper. Better yet, if you want to make this project even more eco-friendly, you can use recyclable kraft paper tape like this product from Package Free.


This technique, of course, isn't the most practical approach for displaying books you actually plan on reading. Then again, if you want to take the guesswork out of your TBR (to be read) list, this might be a fun way to store your books. It's kind of like the "blind date with a book" displays in bookstores, but in your own home!


Other ways to style books:

If you adore the worn-in look of old books, you can also style them as is. This can be done with books of different colors or within a certain color palette, depending on your style.

One trick is to display the books backward so that the pages are exposed. Since the pages are a neutral, beige color, this technique is useful for filling in gaps or emphasizing a more natural color palette.

For more bookish decorating tips, check out our guide on how to style old books.


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