This Clever Hack Lets You Create Trendy Storage Bins for Free

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We love organizing as much as the next person, but let's be real — storage bins can get expensive. This is especially true if you prefer containers that are stylish and appealing to look at. It also doesn't help that organizational needs tend to change over time, making it difficult to commit to specific items.


Enter a brilliant DIY hack shared by @doneandonehome on Instagram. It involves upcycling old cardboard boxes and brown packing paper into faux hyacinth storage bins. The project also costs next to nothing, so long as you already have scissors and a hot glue gun on hand.

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The best part? It doesn't involve fancy skills or techniques, making it a ideal for all skill levels.

To create faux hyacinth bins, simply cut packing paper into strips of equal widths. Next, twist and crumple the strips to give them texture, then braid three pieces together. Repeat until you have enough braids to wrap around the cardboard box and hot glue them in place.


And just like that, you have an attractive storage container that would look right at home in a boho space. However, as the brown packing paper is a neutral color, it can mesh well with many types of decor.

On Instagram, fellow organizing enthusiasts were impressed by the project. "Recycling at its finest," commented one person. "I love this! So much better for the planet too," said another user. We couldn't agree more.


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