This Costco Food Court Duo Might Stay Under $2 Forever

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With inflation increasing the cost of everything from homes to eggs, Costco fans were concerned about a potential increase in membership prices — especially since Sam's Club just boosted its fees. Luckily, the CFO of Costco, Richard Galanti, assured supporters in a recent earnings call that membership prices will remain stable for the time being. While there is an expectation that the cost of being a Costco member will eventually climb, there is one beloved Costco duo that will remain at its low price point.


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The retailer's cherished hot dog and soda combo will likely live under $2 for the rest of time. According to Galanti, since other areas of the business (like gas and travel) are doing so well despite inflation, the food will remain unaffected.

The pair only costs $1.50 and remains a selling point for the brand, and earlier this summer, Galanti said Costco sells around 130 million hot dogs annually at the food courts. In addition to sampling items around the store as they shop, members are clearly grabbing a hot dog on the way out — and who wouldn't with a price tag so cheap?


Rest assured, the Costco hot dog and soda combo is here to stay, without you having to worry about your wallet. If you're inspired to head over to the retailer, we wouldn't blame you, but you may want to keep some of these new items in mind while you go:


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