This Brunch Idea Puts a New Spin on the Butter Board Trend

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If you've been scrolling through TikTok recently, you've no doubt probably seen people smearing butter on wooden cutting boards and diving in with hearty pieces of bread. Butter boards are currently all the rage, but TikTok user @erekasfood has added their own unique twist by swapping butter for cream cheese.


"The New Yorker in me feels a lot more comfortable using cream cheese", Ereka says as they're seen scooping and smearing cream cheese onto a wooden board.

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Next, the influencer sprinkles the cream cheese with Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel seasoning, capers, shaved red onions, scallions, and lox. Ereka suggests toasted buttered bagels for dipping, and offering your guests butter knives for a less messy option than dipping your bagel right into the board. This deconstructed bagel and lox board is redefining brunch goals, and all of the colors and textures the fixings add is sure to impress.

Ereka ended the TikTok asking users whether they prefer butter or cream cheese, and commenters gave their approval of this new twist by sharing their favorite, or simply stating they can't possibly decide. "Team two boards so I don't have to choose," one user shared, while another user commented, "Cream cheese, all day, any day".


A few users noted that there wasn't enough lox, and one commenter shared that it seems more practical to simply put the cream cheese directly on the bagel. Ereka replied, "When I serve bagel[s] for brunch, folks can never finish an entire bagel," which has us wondering what kind of bagels the influencer is serving. Another user was worried about the clean-up of the wooden boards, but the creator replied that the cream cheese didn't stain the board at all.

This cream cheese board is definitely inspiring us to invite some friends over for brunch soon — bring on the bagels.



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