This Guacamole Board Is the Latest Take on the Butter Board Trend

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Boards are in right now, as we have seen with the trending butter board, cream cheese board, and even the tinned fish board. With the holidays coming up and hosting season on the way, people are looking to make their dining spreads as beautiful as they are tasty — and all of these creative board creations certainly do the trick. The latest take on the trend comes from Kelly Scott of @kellyscleankitchen: the guacamole board.


Who doesn't love a little guac? There's just something about mashed avocado that gets everyone in the room excited. So, why not put a spin on an already-successful crowd favorite?

Video of the Day

Scott claims that scooping avocado off of the board is a bit easier than trying to scrape bits from a bowl. She begins by spreading large scoops of guacamole all over her wooden board — you want it to be as thick as possible. Then, the chef sprinkles on chopped tomato, diced onion, cilantro, and flaky sea salt as a garnish.

Scott cracks a few jokes throughout the process, indicating that this video was intended to be satirical, like how sanitary these boards are and how after one person eats from it, the board is completely ruined. But hey, the trend is infiltrating our newsfeeds for a reason, so maybe the idea isn't so bad after all.

One commenter mentions that the extra air exposure may cause the guacamole to brown a bit faster — we all know the struggle of browning avocados — so maybe top with a little lemon or lime juice to keep the spread greener for longer.



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