The One Breakfast Everyone Will Be Making for the Rest of 2021

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Cooking breakfast during the holiday season can feel like a lot — especially if you're hosting others while also cooking lunch and dinner. That's why it can be helpful to plan ahead with the type of breakfast that everyone can serve themselves. We're specifically referring to the breakfast charcuterie trend, in which all your favorite breakfast foods are served on a cutting board.


Of course, there are many different ways you can approach a breakfast charcuterie board. Valentina's Corner, for instance, focuses on pancakes complete with toppings, syrup, and various sides. On the other hand, Ministry of Curry uses a bagel section with various spreads as her foundation, adding hardboiled eggs and fruity muffins on the side.

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Other ideas for breakfast charcuterie board focal points include: waffles, pastries, eggs, toast, fruits, and donuts. The best part is that you won't have to worry about serving these dishes individually. Simply design your breakfast spread — either homemade or store-bought — on a large cutting board and have your guests serve themselves. This idea will be especially helpful the morning after a holiday feast, so you don't have to do any extra work when you're tired of cooking for a crowd.

Below, for inspiration, we'll show you a few of our favorite breakfast charcuterie photos on Instagram. But be warned, these will make you drool.

1. Full-On Breakfast Charcuterie

On @thecharcuteriemama's cutting board, there is truly something for everyone. We also love the apple heart they created, which was inspired by @ainttooproudtomeg.


2. Donut Charcuterie

If you're really tired of cooking, then simply order a box of donuts and creatively arrange them on a cutting board. For extra fancy vibes, follow in @thedancers_pantry's footsteps and add edible flowers and pieces of fruit.



3. Waffle Charcuterie

How could you not be happy when you're served with a charcuterie board of waffles? Plus, for a seasonal twist, you could buy a themed waffle maker like @morgan_proud did. The pumpkin version can be bought here.


4. Bagel Charcuterie

This bagel charcuterie board is so beautiful, it makes us want to cry tears of joy. The labels are an extra sweet, helpful touch created by @nikkilini_baking_co.


5. Avocado Toast Charcuterie

If you love avocado toast, but want to switch it up a bit, try this avocado toast charcuterie idea from @pinograndewoodworking.

We can't wait to give breakfast charcuterie a try, especially when we're gathering with loved ones this holiday season.



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