All You Need for This No-Pan Egg Hack Is a Couple of Paper Plates

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Eggs are a household staple for many breakfast aficionados, breakfast-for-dinner lovers, bakers, and those who just want an easy, healthy meal on hand. It didn't really get much simpler than scrambled eggs, or even poached eggs, but there's a new hack circulating the internet that makes cooking eggs even more effortless — if you can believe it.


TikToker @akakasandra was looking for a way to fry an egg without burning the edges, and to avoid cleaning a frying pan. They begin by greasing a paper plate with oil or butter and then they crack an egg directly on the plate. Next, they cover the egg with a second plate and pop it in the microwave for 50 seconds. Yes, the ​microwave​.

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Before you slam your laptop shut or close your tab in frustration, swearing off TikTok forever, the result is actually impressive. The creator ended up with a perfectly poached egg straight out of the microwave, no brown bits to be seen. They also suggest either increasing or decreasing the length of cook time depending on how runny or firm you like your eggs.

Obviously, other TikTok users had something to say about it. Quite a few expressed their alarm and disgust, but there were even more who approved of the method. One wrote, "This is so smart for [people] who don't have a stove," while another said, "This is also really helpful for kids who can't use the stove!!"

Other users mentioned that this trick works with regular dishes as well, although you will need to wash them after. Another even suggested a mug will also do the trick. They wrote, "Coffee mug + water + salt + egg + 50 seconds in microwave = poached egg. Try it, you won't regret it. Good for ramen."


Well, there you have it. Breakfast just got a whole lot easier.

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