9 Super Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Eggs

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Eggs are a perfect vehicle for experimentation because there are so many ways to serve them. There are even super simple ways to spice up (sometimes literally) your eggs that don't require much time, effort, or thought. Now, let's crack on and discover some egg-citing egg upgrades.

1. Craving California 7-Minute Eggs with Everything Bagel Seasoning

Everything bagel seasoning tastes good on, well, everything savory, but this is especially the case when it comes to breakfast foods. Simply sprinkle some on eggs and be prepared for serious flavor.

Get the full recipe here.

2. The Woks of Life Steamed Eggs with Crispy Pork

We love the idea of steaming eggs and then topping them with crispy, savory pork bites.

Get the full recipe here.

3. My Korean Kitchen Korean-Style Braised Eggs

Why make regular boiled eggs when you can make eggs boiled in a soy sauce, rice wine, and green onion mixture?

Get the full recipe here.

4. Rasa Malaysia Parmesan Eggs

For extra creamy eggs, you'll want to add Parmesan cheese and heavy cream.

Get the full recipe here.

5. Muy Bueno Cooking Huevos a la Mexicana (Mexican-Style Scrambled Eggs)

Add white onions, jalapeños, and tomatoes to your scrambled eggs for a Mexican-style twist.

Get the full recipe here.

6. Cooking With Books Crispy Wonton Egg Cups

If you love egg cups, then you should definitely try baking them inside wonton wrappers.

Get the full recipe here.

7. Immaculate Bites Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a popular North African and Middle Eastern dish featuring poached eggs in a tomato-based stew.

Get the full recipe here.

8. Belly Over Mind Spinach and Leek Béchamel With Poached Eggs

This spinach and leek béchamel will completely transform typical poached eggs.

Get the full recipe here.

9. Cooking With Nart Thai Omelette (Kai Jeow)

You're going to want to update your omelette, Thai-style, with green onions and fish sauce.

Get the full recipe here.

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