This Front Door Hack Creates a Gorgeous Holiday Flower Installation

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Especially in the summer, there's really no better place to kick back and relax with family and friends than on a front porch. Lolling in a rocking chair, popsicle in hand, not a care in the world — it's the quintessential summer tableau. The only way to make this porch scene any more idyllic is by decking it out with festive, seasonal front door flower installation, like TikTok user @kristyncole.


While Kristyn shares that their red, white, and blue DIY porch decorations were intended for Memorial Day, their tips and tricks certainly are fit for the entirety of the summer, particularly for the 4th of July. As they write at the start of their video, "It's the most patriotic time of the year!"

Video of the Day

They start out by showing us how to create a border of flowers on the side of their front door, which serves as a lovely focal point for the rest of the setup. They do so with chicken wire cut to fit the narrow window next to the door, into which they then thoughtfully thread small bouquets of assorted red, white, and blue flowers. They use clothes pins to secure the flowers in place and protect them against wind and other elements. The final touch is adding a mini American flag to the flower display for a pop of patriotic pizzazz.

After one side of the doorframe is bedazzled with florals, they vertically hang a thin American flag on the other side of the door to round out the look. From there, they keep it classic by hanging up bunting along the upper beams of the porch.


Kristyn shares that their decorating isn't 100% complete just yet, as they're still deciding what to do with the wicker basket that hangs on the front door. More flowers? More flags?


A few more 4th of July ideas:

If you've been bitten by the 4th of July bug and are hungry for more ideas for celebrating, check out a few below:



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