Everything You Need to Host an Outdoor Movie Night at Home

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You love the nostalgia of a night at the movies: the buttery popcorn buckets, the booming previews on the big screen, even the chilly theater temps. But when it comes to gathering with friends, the theater doesn't exactly allow for socializing — and why spend summer nights indoors?


Instead, set up a simple, sophisticated theater in your own backyard so you can host outdoor movie nights all season long. All you need is a portable projector and a white sheet hung between trees or fence posts. From there, you can focus on the fun stuff.

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The first priority? Food and drink. Give the cozy, casual evening an elevated twist with bubbly chalices of Stella Artois and homemade popcorn variations that will take the gathering from average to awesome. Drizzle the popped corn with oil, then sprinkle on powdered sugar and cinnamon for a subtly sweet option, or combine chili powder, cumin, and black pepper for an unexpected kick.

With hot popcorn and cold brews in hand, your friends will savor the together time. The only thing left to do is add in a few more decor touches... and choose the movie.

1. Leland Rattan Beverage Tub, $180

The Stella Artois supply will stay cold all movie long with a tub that's equal parts functional and chic. Sturdy handles make toting around the yard (and refilling in the kitchen) a breeze.


2. Marrakesh Melamine Bowls, Set of 4, $48

With thirsts quenched, you'll enjoy heaps of popcorn in these durable, made-for-patio bowls. The bold pattern brings summer travel vibes right to your backyard.


3. Citronella Dough Bowl Candle, $80


Outdoor gatherings always seem to invite pesky summer bugs, but this five-wick citronella candle keeps them at bay while casting golden, glimmery light.


4. Edison String Lights, $45

Take that glowy ambience to the next level by stringing a few strands of these outdoor twinkle lights across the yard.


5. Variegated Stripe Indoor/Outdoor French Floor Cushion, $130

One element that most theaters lack that your backyard can provide in spades? The ability to recline while watching. Spread a few of these cloud-like pallets around your yard, and prepare to hear your friends rave about their new favorite place to go to the movies.



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