How to Pick the Best Sofa for Your Space, According to Experts

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So much of our downtime is spent on the sofa — taking a quick nap, hanging out with family and friends, or binge-watching our favorite television shows. That's why it's important for this one piece of furniture to work in terms of size, color, and fabric, and you don't want to compromise. The great news is you don't have to settle. Check out advice from experts on how to pick the best sofa for your space.


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1. Don't worry about whether a couch is trendy or not.

Picking the right sofa for your space means choosing a piece that fits with your personality and overall home decor scheme. "I always say, don't think so much about trends — if you love a piece and it works great in a room, go for it," lead designer Brittany Farinas of House of One tells Hunker.


Farinas recommends going with a curved sofa. "They make a space feel a little less formal, yet still elegant, which I think speaks to a wide audience." In terms of timeless materials, she suggests velvet.

Brittany's pick:Crate and Barrel Infiniti 2-Piece Curve Back Sectional, $2,798


2. Focus on comfort.

Since you will likely spend a healthy amount of time on the couch, you definitely don't want to feel uncomfortable while taking a nap or relaxing at the end of the day.


Interior designer Megan Hersch primarily focuses on the best way to shop for a comfortable sofa. "In terms of comfort, if you can sit on a sofa in a showroom, that's great," she tells Hunker. "If you cannot, here is a quick primer: All-foam seats are very firm and likely less expensive than a down-wrapped foam alternative, which might be softer and more comfortable for sitting. The more down in the seats, the more fluffing the sofa cushions need. Typically, a happy medium is what most sofa shoppers prefer. This is helpful in today's market featuring so many online-only sofa offerings that do not have a showroom for test-driving."


Megan's pick:BenchMade Modern Crowd Pleaser Collection, $1,363-$9,297

3. Consider a sofa for multiple uses.

Those who live in apartments and studios will likely have to utilize their space in creative ways. Sometimes that means purchasing a sofa that can be used for sitting during the day and sleeping at night.


Edgar Blazona, founder of BenchMade Modern, tells Hunker, "To truly maximize the use of your space – particularly if you're in a smaller apartment or studio – opt for a sofa that does double duty as a bed. The 'Skinny Fat' sofa bed has a minimalist aesthetic and a hidden supremely comfortable pull-out bed, so you can accommodate overnight guests easily."

Edgar's pick:BenchMade Modern Skinny Fat Sofa, $5,000


4. Make your sofa a statement piece.

If you have a sofa that can serve as the "wow" factor of your room, go for it. A sofa that doubles as a statement piece can add a fun element to your living space.


Interior designer Amy Youngblood recommends the Hans Sofa by Vanguard. "It's most certainly a statement piece. I love the single base cushion, which is on trend right now, and how the metal base detailing turns around the back, making any view of this piece attractive," Youngblood tells Hunker. "Also, it's super comfy, which is just as important."

Amy's pick:Vanguard Hans Sofa, $5,800


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