8 Coffee Table Alternatives for Your Small Living Space

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Raise your hand if your living room is the size of a shoebox. Okay, now drop your hand. Or keep it up. You do you. This is a safe space for people with no space. Moving right along. Whether you're residing in a studio apartment, tiny house, or looking to style a small sitting room, it's important to be selective about what makes the cut. We all need a place to rest our drinks, magazines, and movie snacks, but a coffee table can take up a big chunk of the space. Well, look no further. Here are eight smart swaps for a traditional coffee table that do the trick without hogging the entirety of your floor space.


1. Swap for a side table.

A side or end table is basically just a miniature version of a standard coffee table, so why not use it as such? The proportions will look totally reasonable in relation to your small living space and the flexibility of movement will do wonders for your space.

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Our pick:Monti Lava Stone Side Table, $199

2. Test nesting tables.

Nesting tables embody versatility. You can separate them, easily move them around, or slide the smaller beneath the larger depending on how much floor space you need at the moment.


Our pick:West Elm Retro Tripod Nesting Tables, $199-$229

3. Go for a garden stool.

A garden stool or stump is a sturdy and design-forward table alternative. Plus, it can totally double as an extra seat if need be.


Our pick:Latitude Run Knudson Ceramic Garden Stool, $126.99

4. Try a tray table.

Multi-functional pieces of furniture are crucial in small spaces. Need a tray for outdoor cocktails or breakfast in bed? Simply take the tabletop off the base. No need to store an extra tray in your overflowing kitchen cabinets.



Our pick:HAY Tray Side Table, $175-$225

5. Pick a pop-up coffee table.

There are so many benefits to a pop-up coffee table. Firstly, there's always ample storage space. Secondly, it doubles as a workstation if you don't have room for a designated office space. Plus, it can be kept closed when guests are over for extra room.


Our pick:West Elm Norre Oak Pop-Up Coffee Table, $399

6. Opt for an ottoman.

Talk about something that changes function according to your needs. Looking for a footrest? You got it. Some extra guest seating? Done. A table replacement? You're set. Either opt for a pouf or cushioned ottoman with a tray atop or go with a cocktail ottoman, which features a flat surface that makes it perfectly suited for snacks and drinks on its own.


Our pick:George Oliver Lin Oval Cocktail Ottoman, $114.99

7. Make the most of your space with a storage table.

Similar to a pop-up coffee table, storage tables can change size according to the company and of course, hold any and all games, books, and tchotchkes. There's also an excellent assortment of storage ottomans on the market.



Our pick:Castlery Andre Coffee Table, $599

8. Say yes to a C table.

Talk about a space-saving solution! A C table allows the base to slide beneath the couch while the top can float above the seat. You can therefore bring this bad boy right up close and personal for morning coffee, a TV dinner table, or a little work from home setup.

Our pick:Yamazaki Plain Steel C Table, $125



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