From Heads Up! to '90s Trivia, Here Are the Best Games for Big Groups

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Important question: Is there anything more fun than game night? We think not. But if you're somehow not a fan, here are eight games that we pinky promise will convert you. No matter the occasion, group size, or participants' ages, there's a handpicked match for you. With a little extra help from Heads Up! creator Daniel Leary, we present you with the crème de la crème of group games.


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Oh, so you think you know the '90s? Time to prove it. From fashion to movies, quiz each other with over 400 pop culture questions. And there's a complimentary game soundtrack on Spotify to really get you in the mood.

Best Party Game: Heads Up!, $18.18

As mentioned above, Hunker was lucky enough to speak with Heads Up! creator Daniel Leary about what he thinks makes this the ultimate party game. "Heads Up! is a game you can play with literally anyone — from your family, to your best friend, to a bunch of strangers at a bar, to the kids you're babysitting for. It's always a good time." The rules are simple: Quickly guess the mystery words on the card above your head based on your teammates' descriptions. Insider tip: Leary's favorite deck for big groups is Hey Mr. DJ, where one player tries to guess the song that the entire crowd is humming.

Best for Extra Large Groups: Herd Mentality, $19.79

Good for up to 20 people, Herd Mentality is a social deduction game, where players receive opinion-based questions and have to strategically guess the most common answer amongst the group. How well do you ​really​ know the people around you?


Best Adult Game: What Do You Meme?, $29.99

A fan favorite, What Do You Meme? is kind of like the classic Apples to Apples, but instead of matching nouns to descriptions and having a judge vote for their favorite, you match the best meme caption card in hand to the given image. Watch out: it can get pretty risqué.

The tried and true party game Cards Against Humanity has reinvented itself for family fun. And just to clarify: No adult content doesn't mean you won't be laughing your faces off.

Best Conversation Starter: Red Flags, $25

Go around the circle and give one chosen player (the one metaphorically going on a date) the card in your hand describing a match you think will best suit their fancy. Here's where the sabotage comes in: Players then strategically give one another a red flag card to accompany the good card. The goal? Try to convince the date-goer that the description of your bachelor is somehow the most appealing.

Best Laugh-Out-Loud Game: Bad People, $24.95

The group will receive a controversial and hilarious question like, "Who gets paid too much for what they do?" and everyone has to vote for the player the question best describes. This is also an excellent "get to know each other" game ... with a mischievous twist.

Best Brain Buster Game: Incohearent, $19.99

Be the first to decode the gibberish phrase. An example? "Ham a sauna let's uh" is actually Amazon Alexa. Time to put your brain to work.


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