I Tried Out This Glassware-in-a-Box and Now I'm Dinner Party-Ready

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I love to entertain any chance I get and miss having loved ones over for intimate dinner parties. I am longing for conversation over a candlelit table with linen napkins and all of my favorite serving pieces. I've been dreaming of these last-minute gatherings and have started hopeful planning for my next event.


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While imagining the table decor, I realized that my stemware game is not up to par. I had a cabinet full of mismatched branded glasses from wine tasting trips and lone stems that have survived despite losing their comrades to clumsy revelers. I needed a simple solution without having to choose from the overwhelming store displays. I was introduced to the Leeway Home box kits and was instantly intrigued. Leeway has an assortment of all-in-one kits to either begin or complete your dinnerware collection. Since my plates and utensils set are complete, I only needed to fill in the gap in my stemware.


That's when I found The Just Stems Add-On, a complete set of individually handblown stemware designed in Brooklyn. They are flirty enough for an elegant cocktail party, yet sturdy for a family dinner.

(I received the Just Stems-Add On kit in exchange for an honest review. The below are my own thoughts and not influenced by Leeway in any way.)



When my shipment arrived, each set was neatly packed in a gorgeous box with every glass tucked in for safe delivery. While unwrapping The Just Stems Add-On bundle, I immediately noticed the modern, yet sophisticated style. The bundle comes with four wine glasses, four coupes, and four champagne flutes.


Red wine glass on white stand

The shape and depth of the wine glass bowl are perfect for both red and white wine enthusiasts, there is no need for two sets of wine glasses.


We all know that the champagne glass is the keynote to a classy event, the leggy beauties in the bundle will make every toast effervescent.


These coupes! WOW! These fancy glasses definitely upped my mixology game. Now I really feel like I am living my best life.



Each handblown piece is elegant and sturdy. Even though they look delicate, the glassware can withstand heavy use, including a tip-over in the sink (oops!), and go straight in the dishwasher (yay!). The Leeway The Just Stems Add-On is the perfect gift for a friend's build-the-bar housewarming party.



The $180 price tag for the bundle may be a little steep for some, but I do think that it's a fair price for this pre-matched set of glassware. Also, I wish there was an option for a set of two glasses in case of breakage where an entire set would not be needed.


I love my collection of Leeway's The Just Stems Add-On. I have leveled up my entertaining game and am looking forward to wowing guests at my next dinner party. The Leeway Home bundles are perfect for all, whether you are moving into your first apartment and need everything, or if you just want a perfect set of matching dishes. I cannot recommend Leeway Home bundles more, they are the dining set solution fit for every lifestyle.

(Bonus: Listen to the Leeway Home co-founders Sam and Lyle on the Being Home With Hunker podcast, now!)

Leeway The Just Stems Add-On, $180