These $10 Glass Target Mugs Are a Perfect Dupe for HAY's Pricey Cups

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We're always on the lookout for dupes that can elevate our home without spending the big bucks, and Target's latest Parker Lane glass mugs offer the Scandinavian-chic look for a low price.


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Denmark design brand HAY brought bright colors and functional designs to the forefront with its extremely popular borosilicate cup, a glass mug in three colors featuring a handle that likely graced your Instagram explore page. But $40 for a set of two glass mugs made the stylish set more of an aspirational Pin than a kitchen staple. Taking a cue from the Scandinavian resurgence, Target released its own colorful glass mugs, and they are the perfect HAY borosilicate dupe.

These 14-ounce glass mugs (HAY's hold only 6.75 ounces), also made of borosilicate glass, retail for $9.99 a glass, which means you can score two for half the price of the HAY set. Since they are sold as singles, you can also mix and match the colors. The Parker Lane mugs come in green, blue, pink, yellow, and clear. For a classic, simple look, opt for the clear mug, which is perfect for a glass of water, hot coffee, or a vibrant green matcha latte. For a more maximalist approach, buy one of each color and set up a bold brunch arrangement.

Scroll down to purchase the HAY dupe now.

1. Parker Lane Glass Mug Clear, $9.99

2. Parker Lane Glass Mug Pink, $9.99

3. Parker Lane Glass Mug Yellow, $9.99

4. Parker Lane Glass Mug Blue, $9.99


5. Parker Lane Glass Mug Green, $9.99