Um, Did Anyone Else *Not* Know This Vintage Glassware Was on Amazon Prime?

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Earlier this year, we noticed that depression glass was making a major comeback. Gaining popularity during the Great Depression, hence the name, depression glass was once considered cheap and accessible thanks to the fact that it was easy to manufacture and mass produce. These days, they're no less visually stunning, (I mean, can we talk about that golden amber) but they are a bit rarer. Primarily reserved for antique shops and flea markets, these glasses are generally considered true vintage finds and building up a colorful collection, à la Elsie Larson, can't exactly happen overnight.


Unless, that is, you happen to be an Amazon Prime member.

Video of the Day

We recently spotted an awe-inducing shot from Amazon Home's account that featured a truly enviable stock of embossed glasses on Instagram, along with a caption that informed us that they were available for sale on their site. (Cue collective screams.) It's not that we're going to completely ditch our hobby of bargain-hunting in vintage shops, but hey, if we can fill some of our color gaps with the click of a button, we're not going to say no.

Shop some of our favorite depression glasses below, available with free two-day shipping on Amazon Prime.

Drinking water out of this, and only this, for the rest of time.

A dark and moody glass for romantic dinner parties.


Perfect for adding a pop of sunny color to your dining room table.

How cute would your morning OJ look in these cups?

BRB, planning an outdoor girls' night asap.


These glasses would look good with red or white wine in them, and that's exactly what we're looking for.

Why use clear when you can use periwinkle?

Behold, the prettiest purple we ever did see.



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