The Queen Would Only Drink This One Brand of Water

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Apparently, there is only one type of water that is fit for a queen — and it's definitely not tap water. Per, the late Queen Elizabeth II did not want the royal family to drink the latter — especially when it came to avoiding contamination while traveling abroad.


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In fact, in Craig Brown's 2017 book ​Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret​, it is revealed that Princess Margaret (Queen Elizabeth II's sister) was once distressed when offered tap water. Allegedly, when visiting her cousin Ann Rhodes, Margaret asked for a glass of whisky and water. Ann's husband, Denys, then went to fill up a glass with Scotch and tap water.


"Before I could speak, the princess said in a voice which stilled all other conversation, 'No, Denys. Not that. I want WATER in my whisky,'" wrote David John Payne, Margaret's footman, according to

Following Margaret's response, the room went silent and Denys said, "But this is water, ma'am." According to Payne, "[Princess Margaret] looked him up and down and said in her most royal tone, 'That is not water. It is only tap water. John knows what I mean. Fetch my special water immediately, will you?'"


The princess was referring to Hildon Natural Mineral Water, which received a "supplier of natural mineral water" royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth II, according to the Royal Warrant Holders Association.

In addition to the queen's approval, Hildon has also received the Restaurant Magazine Award for seven consecutive years. Plus, the Institute of Masters of Wine has named the brand its preferred bottled water.

So if you want to drink like royalty, you should give Hildon a try. On Amazon, you can purchase a 12-pack of the water for $59.95 — a price fit for a queen.