5 Decor Ideas We're Stealing From H&M Home's Holiday Collection

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When it comes to figuring out current holiday decor trends, a great place to start is with your favorite retailers. Recently, we pulled some ideas from IKEA's holiday collection and now, we're taking a look at what H&M Home has to offer. From woodland creatures to eccentric ornaments, there is plenty to be inspired by.


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1. Play around with neutrals.

When you think of holiday decor, odds are you picture colorful pieces in shades of red, green, and gold. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Within H&M Home's holiday line, you'll find matte beige, black, and brown offerings that can help you create a cozy foundation.


We're especially loving H&M Home's Stoneware Candlestick, which comes in black and beige, and light brown Large Paper Snowflake. Several of the latter can be hung from the ceiling to create an immersive winter vibe.

2. It's all about the gold accessories.

Rather than making gold a focal point in your holiday decor, H&M Home makes a case for accenting your setup with gold accessories. We're talking woodland creature teaspoons, tapered candles, cheese knives, and small sparkly ornaments. These pieces would work especially well as pops of color in a neutral-toned space.


3. Try a woodland aesthetic.

Nothing says cozy like a calm winter forest and H&M Home clearly knows that. Within its holiday collection, you'll find several items that feature woodland creatures (like the teaspoons above) and seasonal plant life. Think a throw pillow featuring a fir tree, a Stoneware Cheese Board with a reindeer on it, and a Small Porcelain Dish with a deer, rabbit, and Christmas tree printed on top.


4. Go for a dark red.

Instead of embracing your standard bright red for the holiday season, try a deeper, darker red paired with lush fabrics. At H&M Home, you can find this color as a Velvet Cushion Cover, a King/Queen Duvet Cover Set, and as a pack of hand towels. Adding a dark red ribbon as a Christmas tree accent also never hurt anyone.


5. Don't be afraid of quirky pieces.

Though you can't go wrong with traditional holiday decor, you shouldn't be scared to experiment. Take a note from H&M Home — throughout its holiday line, you'll find unexpected items like a velvet cushion featuring a fox in Victorian garb, an ornament that's a brown dachshund, and a penguin soft toy that's made for snuggling. You could even do something as simple as switching up your ordinary wrapping paper for one that's out of this world.