The 6 Best Planners on Amazon

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Whether you're returning to school or work or just preparing for the year ahead, it's imperative to find the best planner for your individual lifestyle. We have rounded up the six best life organizers to always keep you steps ahead of your upcoming tasks. Always on the go? Trying to stay on top of daily meetings and appointments? Maybe you're trying to set new goals and intentions each week? No matter your needs, we have the perfect planner for you.


Best Overall

Moleskine makes the best notebooks hands down. The price for its unmatched quality is unbeatable. The planners come in a variety of sizes and colors and come in both hardcover and softcover. The large, black, softcover weekly planner is the perfect classic calendar. The cover has the softest touch, yet still manages to withstand so much wear and tear.


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Best Small Planner

What makes this pocket planner so special is how much it packs in such a small, practical size. It's perfect for anyone who's always on the go. The hardcover is still luxuriously soft to the touch, and the price is crazy low, too. Its floral pattern is the cherry on top.


Best Desk Planner

This monthly calendar makes a statement. Perfect to sprawl across your desk, the Big Monthly Planner is undated for ultimate customization. Think of this as a chic wall calendar that just happens to lie across your workstation. If the size is a bit too big for your liking, try sizing down to the equally beloved Large Monthly Planner.


Best Daily Planner

This notebook is clear and easy to organize. With its simple structure and detailed view of each day, it is perfect for students, professionals, or anyone who enjoys an in-depth play-by-play of their day ahead.

Best Goal Setting Planner

This agenda does way more than just house your daily tasks. Write out your goals, priorities, and productivity levels each and every day. This not only serves as a record tracker in the moment, but it also is the perfect keepsake for self-reflection and improvement.


Best Refillable Planner

This sleek, faux leather planner is as good as it gets. It's durable, versatile, convenient, and both economical and eco-friendly. The only thing you will have to replace each year is its inserts.



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