13 Planners That Will Actually Help You Get Organized in 2022

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Nothing beats feeling like you have your life together, and what better way to help you get there than with a planner. They're perfect for school, work, or day-to-day life and can be lifesavers when keeping track of projects, tasks, and appointments. But most importantly, planners can help you make your short-term and long-term goals a reality, whether you want to drink more water, purchase your first home, or tackle small (and affordable) home projects. From minimal designs to planners dedicated to reaching your goals through astrology, here are the best planners to keep you organized in 2022.


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1. Golden Coil Customizable Planner, starting at $64

If you're looking for a customizable planner with everything you'll need to map out the year, check out Golden Coil. You can personalize anything from the type of cover (linen vs. leather in a variety of colors) to multiple daily, weekly, or monthly layouts. Not only can you input your own important dates and contacts, but there are also so many add-ons to choose from to help you crush your goals, including productivity trackers, meal planning, mood trackers, reflections, quotes, challenges, and more.


2. Papier Planner, $28.99

Papier's planners come in dozens of gorgeous designs, so you're bound to find one you'll like, whether you're a minimalist or maximalist. And when it comes to the layout, you have a few options, whether you're looking for a daily or weekly planner. Whichever you pick, there's plenty of space to write down your goals and to-do lists.


3. Intelligent Change Productivity Planner, $24.95

Intelligent Change's Productivity Planner was designed using the Pomodoro Technique, a time management method to effectively work toward and complete your goals. With the planner, you can break down tasks by importance to help you have your most productive year yet. Plus, the planner isn't dated so it's more flexible and you don't have to waste any pages.


4. Scribbles That Matter B5 Dotted Journal, $34.97

The Scribbles That Matter dotted notebook is perfect for bullet journalers. It has 160gsm acid-free paper, which means ink won't bleed through your pages (and there's a pen-testing page in the back!). It also has a sturdy faux leather cover and a lay-flat design so you can write and plan with ease. Our pick is one of the larger options but if you're looking for a smaller planner, you can opt for an A5 journal.


5. MiGoals Goal Digger Planner, $35.01

MiGoal's weekly dated planner is "the ultimate personal development tool to help you live a more purpose-filled life," according to the company. The planner helps you break down and create small steps to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. It also includes monthly reviews, progress trackers, a budget section, and extra notes pages.


6. Passion Planner Weekly Dated Planner, $40

Passion Planners start off with a Passion Roadmap to help you narrow down, plan out, and reach your short-term and long-term goals. The weekly and hourly dated planner is equipped with 30-minute time slots so you can plan your day accordingly and monthly reflections to help you stay focused. The planner also includes sections for gratitude lists and empty spaces for notes, doodles, trackers, and more. When you buy select Passion Planners, the company donates $1 to select charitable organizations.


7. Poketo Project Planner, $38

Poketo's Project Planner is just what you need to help you plan, organize, and complete projects this year. It's un-dated with yearly, monthly, and weekly sections, so you can use it in whatever order and timeline you want, and task lists to help you make all of your project deadlines. There's also space for notes, to-do lists, and more.


8. Magic of I Astrological Planner, $45

The Magic of I weekly planner not only helps you break down goals into smaller steps but also helps you align with the stars. The planner breaks down each month into themes based on astrology signs, has New Moon and Full Moon journal pages, and so much more. If you're new to astrology, the planner also features guides on moon phases, planets, and basic astrology references so you can learn as you plan throughout the year.

9. Panda Planner, $19.97

The Panda Planner is an undated planner designed for three months of productivity planning through daily tracking. There's space to write out tasks, priorities, and schedules, along with a section for daily gratitude lists, affirmations, exercise, and notes. There are also monthly and weekly views that help you track habits, jot down projects, reflect on the previous month and week, and plan your goals.

10. Rifle Paper Co. 12-Month Softcover Spiral Planner, $26

Rifle Paper Co.'s softcover planner features a delicate floral design and weekly layout with a whole page for notes and a to-do list for the week ahead. The spiral-bound planner also features monthly views and a section for contacts and important dates.

11. The Daily Page 3-Month Planner and Journal, $54.99

The Daily Page Planner is equal parts planner and journal with sections for top goals, a to-do list, events, and wellness along with a full lined page for gratitude, notes, reflections, or whatever your heart desires. On top of its sleek, minimal design, for every purchase of the undated planner, a tree is planted.

12. ADAMJK Unsolicited Advice 2022 Weekly Planner and Journal, $24.95

Break down the year with this unsolicited advice by creative Adam J. Kurtz. With weekly spreads and monthly grids, you can write out activities, goals, and more. Plus, there's a sheet of stickers included.

13. The Self-Care Planner, $30

Make self-care a top priority with this planner from Anthropologie. It has 13 weeks of undated pages to help you track your wellness goals, along with a six-step personal self-care plan, self-assessments, weekly planning, habit tracking, and challenges.