10 Home Office DIYs That'll Save You a Few Bucks and Spruce Up Your Workstation

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As you sift through home office ideas, you're no doubt checking your favorite online shopping destinations for every piece of furniture and decor needed to refresh your space. And even though it's always fun to purchase those stylish, ready-made must-haves, have you considered weaving some DIY ideas into the mix as well?


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They are a great way to give your office a burst of personality, made with your own two hands. Plus, do-it-yourself pieces are often less expensive than store-bought versions, especially big-ticket items like desks and filing cabinets. And bonus: You can customize DIY creations to exactly what you need, making for a much more efficient work environment that feels true to you.

Scroll on for 10 DIY projects that will help you create an office that's uniquely cool with a touch of handmade charm.


1. Organize those pesky cables.

In any modern home office setup, cable management is a must — particularly if you're aiming for an uncluttered, minimalist look. In this case, you can make your very own desk cable organizer using humble plywood, which turns out looking sleek and streamlined and keeps your wires under control.


2. Make a pretty pinboard.

For a bulletin board that doubles as wall art, cover a piece of corkboard in elegant fabric and tack up little pieces of inspiration — or reminder notes if you're forgetful! That's what Monika Hibbs did in this airy home office space. She even used brass push pins and clips for a hint of glam.


3. Hang some floating shelves.

If you have lots of home decor and office supplies that need a special place, a single bookshelf probably won't suffice. However, you'll be happy to know that you can make a trio of floating shelves for your setup that will provide you with just enough additional storage space to accommodate all of those essentials. From leaning artwork to books to pencil cups to ceramic dishes holding paper clips, shelving will definitely do the trick. Save your hard-earned cash and follow this tutorial from Jessica Sara Morris to make them yourself.


4. Refresh an old file cabinet.

You might have tons of organization ideas for your small office space, but you really can't go wrong with a tried-and-true, old-school file cabinet. That one you picked up at a flea market (or even on the curb) isn't so cute, but with a little chalk paint and some wooden legs? It'll look brand-new, something that Brooke of All Things Thrifty accomplished with this piece.


5. Style up a pencil cup.

A pencil cup is just a pencil cup — until you transform it into a stylish piece of home office decor. Chelsea of Lovely Indeed did just that with the help of something called liquid gilding to give it a marbled metallic look. It's a chic way to store your office supplies right at your workstation.


6. Build a desk organizer.

Perhaps you have way too many tiny items sitting around your desk, making it look messy and cluttered. It sounds like you need a stylish desk organizer. Luckily, you can make one with this tutorial from Sarah of Ugly Duckling House.


7. Create your own built-ins.

Built-in shelving for an office? It's all the rage these days in the interior design world, and guess what? You don't need to hire a pro to install them. You can make built-ins yourself with a step-by-step DIY project from Sarah of Room for Tuesday. The end result will leave you with enough cubbies to display all of your fave knickknacks and storage space to stash office supplies.


8. Install a pegboard wall.

For a home office decorating idea that looks hip and unexpected, consider making your own pegboard wall. It's an eye-catching way to showcase shelves and other decorative items, setting your workstation apart from the rest. In the Hunker House, it's paired with a corkboard for a one-of-a-kind accent wall.


9. Craft an entire desk.

Why, yes — you ​can​ make an entire desk, all by yourself! While you may be used to taking on small DIY projects here and there, making a work surface is actually surprisingly simple. But don't just take our word for it, this small home office design by Lindi and Russel of Love Create Celebrate is picture-perfect proof.

10. Give a memo board the cane treatment.

You know what's even better than a handy-dandy memo board? One that displays on-trend cane, offering a bohemian touch to any office space. You can make this one using an IKEA frame.


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