8 Stylish Cable Management Accessories for a Flawless Home Office

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You're finally setting up your dream home office, complete with a rattan chair, sleek, white IKEA desk, and a few budget finds from Amazon that stylishly tie the whole space together. Once everything is in its proper place, you suddenly realize: You totally overlooked cable management. The results are some serious eyesores, made up of wires and chargers on every surface for all of your electronic gadgets, but there ​must​ be a more attractive way to do this.


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Enter cable organizers. From clips to cable boxes to charging stations, there's a whole world out there that's just waiting to corral the tangled mess of wires behind your desk. And don't forget — you can always DIY your own cable organizer, too.

Here are eight cable management accessories that are surprisingly chic and, more importantly, will tidy up your wires in a flash.


1. Artifox Cable Management Kit, $15

This adorable little gray arch does a lot more than sit there and look cute. Made to pair with an Artifox piece of office furniture, this kit includes six Velcro straps that can mount to a power strip and two knots that'll keep your cables looking stylish and secure.


2. Yamazaki Hidden Cable Box, $38

If you've ever wished that your cord management woes could be solved by just tucking everything into a box, you're not alone. And the good news? You can actually do just that with this cable management box from Yamazaki. It looks sleek and sophisticated flaunting a glossy plastic material and serves as an ideal place to hide away a power strip filled with cords.


3. BRIGHTTIA Gold Cable Organizer, $11.98 - $138

On their own, power cords typically aren't that pleasing to the eye. But add some solid brass button cord keepers to the mix, like these from Etsy seller BRIGHTTIA, and you've got instant wire management and a work surface that looks downright on-trend.


4. The Container Store 10' Cable Slinky, $10.99

Sure, a Slinky was fun to play with as a kid, but nowadays, your adulting requires a different kind of Slinky. This one from The Container Store will corral the cables behind your computer desk, resulting in a single bundle of cords rather than a big jumble of wires.


5. Pottery Barn Leather Color Blocked Wireless Charging Dock, $149

If you're still relying on all those out-in-the-open, plugged-into-the-wall charging cords to juice up your cell phone and other gadgets, you need to jump on the charging station bandwagon. This color-blocked option from Pottery Barn is handcrafted in leather and acts as a single dock for all of your office space devices.


6. Vari Cable Management Tray, $50

Designed to pair with a Vari Electric Standing Desk, this streamlined, modern cable management tray from Vari tucks neatly underneath an office desk and gets those cable cords right out of sight.


7. Heyday Triangle Clip Cable Management in Mint and Cool Gray (pack of 6), $9.99

On the lookout for cable clips that will cute up your workspace? You're in luck with these delightful clips from Target. They are self-adhesive, so they will keep cables out of the way on any flat surface.


8. Bluelounge Cable Organizer, $12.95

Maybe you'd prefer something oh-so-minimalist to address all those cables. In that case, this weighted Bluelounge cord organizer from Urban Outfitters is just the ticket, with suction cups that ensure that it will effortlessly adhere to your work surface.


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