This Is the Decor Item You Need Based on Your Favorite '90s Trend

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If you were a child of the '90s, you certainly have fond memories of lava lamps, neon signs, bean bag chairs, and so many more quirky, colorful pieces of decor. Although many of those retro statement pieces are trending these days, we're all adults now, so it's time for a bit of an upgrade. From inflatable furniture to some customizable neon signs that will certainly one up your old basement adornments, these pieces will definitely become your new favorite decor.


If you loved lava lamps ...

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You can still have a lava lamp! Seriously, this is just plain cool and would enhance any space. It features speckled ceramic, which bookends a blue light and lava. It's made to run all day, and it would truly look amazing on a bookshelf, credenza, or even a nightstand.

Our Pick:Ceramic Lava Lamp at Fredericks and Mae, $280

If you loved inflatable furniture ...

Inflatable furniture is all fun and games until you sit down on it and feel bare legs on plastic ... not the most comfortable. Instead, let's move to make the Cloud Sofa from Restoration Hardware the newest "it" piece of furniture. You've undoubtedly heard the hype and that's because sitting on it truly feels as though you're sinking into a cloud. It features a low 24-inch back and feather-wrapped core-filled seat cushions. You also buy it piece by piece, so you can truly tailor it to your space. Basically, the Cloud Couch is what we envisioned inflatable furniture would feel like.


Our pick​: Restoration Hardware Cloud Colletion, starting at $2,996

If you loved the swing chair in ​Spice World​ ...


Truly, get ready to spice up your life! Any fan of the '90s superstar girl band Spice Girls was envious of Baby Spice's swing chair on the tour bus. If you've been searching your entire adult life for that kind of carefree high, may we suggest the rattan hanging chair? It is cozy and sophisticated, meaning your living room or outdoor patio will get an elevated upgrade while you swing into a childhood-like bliss.


Our pick​: Birch Lane Berkshire Swing Chair, $300

If you loved a beaded curtain in your doorway ...

Beaded curtains hung in every girl's room in all of your favorite '90s films. While they may look cool, I bet we can all remember the annoying clanking sound they used to make and the tangles that you had to face-off with regularly. This handwoven art piece is the perfect upgrade. It's made of macramé and features stunning patterns in muted tones that would suit any home or design aesthetic.


Our pick​: Fiber Outlet Macrame Wall Hanging, $39.90

If you always sprayed Victoria's Secret room scent ...


Room sprays were all the rage. Whether you bought them at Victoria's Secret or Abercrombie, a '90s room was always perfumed. Thank goodness we're past that and onto bigger and better things. If you love a lingering scent, a diffuser is a great alternative that offers just the right amount. The Vitruvi stone diffuser in particular comes in a variety of beautiful, subtle hues that will add a dash of sophistication to your space.


Our pick​: Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, $119

If you loved a neon statement sign ...

The '90s were an era when people discovered that neon signs could live happily outside of bars. Thus, they decided to bring them into basements. If you're looking for a cool light feature, but you're not quite sure you want people asking for directions to the bar, you'll love these signs. You can customize them based on size, font, color, and quote.


Our pick:Neon Studio Santa's Socks, $262

If you loved bean bags ...


If you were a big fan of the bean bag, this little white boucle chair will definitely scratch that itch. It's super cozy, swivels, and offers lots of cushioning. It's also designed by Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop team, so you know it's seriously stylish.


Our pick​: Gwyneth Ivory Boucle Chair, $899

If you loved canopy beds ...

You know the ones: They were mostly of the frilly variety. Luckily, canopy beds have gotten a serious update in 2021. This one from West Elm offers a midcentury flair and comes in a soft grey color called "pebble," as well as a classic acorn-colored finish.

Our pick​: West Elm Midcentury Canopy Bed, $1,299



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