5 Surprisingly Cool Pieces of Cat Furniture You Can Order on Amazon

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As much as we love our four-legged family members, their furniture isn't always as fun to have around the house. So, we scoured Amazon high and low in search of good-looking pet products and found some surprisingly sophisticated offerings. From a midcentury-inspired cat bed to an ultra-sleek scratching post, here are five super stylish pieces of furniture you can order with ease.


Most Stylish Pattern

Why invest in a bulky pet bed when you can give your furry friend a lounge instead? This adorable resting spot is composed of a cute fabric hammock and a modern wood frame that can support up to 20 pounds of fluffy weight. Plus, the fabric is reversible, allowing you to alternate between two equally cute patterns.


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Most Versatile

The only thing better than a nice-looking cat bed is one that doubles as a scratching surface. This shapely cat lounge is constructed of ribbed recycled cardboard so your feline will find it every bit as fun to scratch as it is comfortable to lay down on.


Most Discrete

Scandinavian design lovers rejoice: We found the perfect cat product for you! Handmade with an eco-friendly bamboo shell and a plush inner cushion, this shapely cat (or small dog) bed looks good even in a minimalist-style living room. It'll seriously blend right into your decor.


Most Design Forward

Don't let the good looks of this midcentury modern furnishing fool you. Composed of a smooth acacia wood frame and hairpin metal legs, this high-quality, eye-catching item is, indeed, a pet bed. No matter if you have a large cat or small cat, they'll be able to sprawl out in style.


Most Space-Efficient

Every cat loves a scratching post, but not every human likes them quite as much. So if you're in the market for an attractive cat scratching post that won't take up a ton of space, we've got you covered. This slender style is made of durable pressed cardboard and mounts seamlessly to any wall with ease. Small space cat owners, unite!



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