The 13 Best Cat Scratchers on Amazon

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For all the cat parents out there, a cat scratcher is practically an essential. Not only are they fun for cats to use but they're also important for stress relief and for keeping nails healthy. Whether you want something playful or ideal for small spaces, these are the best cat scratchers on Amazon.


Best Overall Cat Scratcher

Affordable with a curved design, this cat scratcher is made of recycled cardboard and can be used as a lounge spot. Plus, it's reversible, so it lasts twice as long.

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Best Budget Cat Scratcher

If you need a budget-friendly buy, this corrugated cardboard scratcher costs less than a latte and has a cat-shaped hanging hook.

Best Cat Scratcher Mat

If you need a simple cat scratcher that can go virtually anywhere in the house, try this option. It's made from natural sisal with an anti-skid latex bottom, so it won't slide around.

Best Interactive Cat Scratcher

Here's a scratching post with a touch of minimalist and Scandinavian design. It has one sisal scratching post, a dangling ball, and multiple tracks with moving balls for your cat to play with.


Best Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher

If you're running low on floor space, opt for a wall-mounted cat scratching post. This pick has a wood base and stylish design, and it can be used by cats of all sizes.

Best Simple Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Just like a chaise lounge for humans, this cardboard cat scratcher has a curved design that's perfect for feline lounging. Not only is it perfect for playtime but it's also great for rest and can be used as a cat bed. And despite being made of cardboard, it's surprisingly durable and stylish. Plus, it comes with catnip.


Best Interactive Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Put your cat to work with this cat scratcher laptop. And between checking emails, they can play with the USB cat mouse toy.

Best Cat Scratcher Furniture Protector

Cat scratchers don't always have to be an eyesore, and this pick is proof. Not your average sisal scratch post, it has a multifunctional design that can be set up vertically to protect your couch, horizontally to reveal a hanging ball, and as a two-tier cat furniture piece that doubles as an end table.



Best Cactus Cat Scratcher

Cat play time has never been cuter than with this adorable cactus cat scratcher from Lesure. Available in two sizes, this option is wrapped in a thick, natural sisal rope (perfect for indoor cats' claws) and has an interactive hanging ball for even more entertainment.


Best Fancy Cat Scratcher

A cat scratcher fit for royalty, this cat sofa and scratcher has an old-school glam look with a cardboard base that your cat can scratch or lounge on.

Best Cat House Scratcher

Shaped like a retro TV, this cat bed has a wood frame; bell ball toys; and a cozy, reversible mat inside. And to make it even better, there's a cat scratching pad on the side.


Best Small Cat Tree With Scratcher

Perfect for kittens and small cats, this petite cat tower has not one but two scratching posts. It also has a built-in hammock, a cat toy, and a self-groomer archway for unlimited pets.

Best Large Cat Tree With Scratcher

At 70 inches tall, this cat tree is the ultimate cat hangout spot. Along with multiple tiers, condos, and dangling balls, there are also several scratching posts throughout the cat tree. The large size is ideal for large cats, but it's also available as a 54-inch cat tree that's great for small cats.



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