The Best Modern Cat Furniture Perfect for Design Lovers

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As any pet parent can attest, we do a lot for our furry friends, including buying pet furniture that isn't exactly design-forward. But as you can imagine, there's plenty of modern cat furniture out there; you just have to dig. And we did all of that for you by rounding up the best cat furniture you can find online.


Trust us when we say that the only thing cuter than these picks might be your cat lounging on them. From wall-mounted shelves to sleek cat condos, these are our top stylish cat furniture finds.

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The Best Modern Cat Furniture

Available in two heights, this sleek cat tower has a slatted design and faux shearling top for maximum comfort and style.


Inspired by the movie ‌Castle in the Sky‌, this chic multi-level cat tree is perfect for felines of all sizes.


This modern cat tree is perfect for living rooms and minimalists who want their cat furniture to blend in seamlessly with their decor.


This HomeGoods find is a must for cat lovers who like a boho-chic vibe.



Between the four spacious cat perches and a minimalist design, this cat tree is a home decor lover's dream. Plus, the brand donates 5% of proceeds to animal welfare and environmental conservation organizations and plants a new tree with every purchase.


Perfect for big cats, small cats, and everything in between, this pick features cat scratching posts, a cubby, a hammock, and multiple perches, making it the ultimate hangout spot.


If you have a small space, there's still hope for cat furniture with a modern look. This cat tree folds, so you can easily assemble it or break it down, whether you're traveling or need to make extra room for guests.



This rattan pet bed looks like a mini version of a boho-style daybed that we'd buy for ourselves.


This cat house was an Etsy Design Award finalist in 2022 and we can totally see why. It has three spaces for your cat to lounge, nap, or play, and has a slatted and modern design.


We love multifunctional furniture, and this option is one of them. It's a bookshelf and cat tree (complete with a faux fur mat) with multiple sections you can make cozy for your cat or use for decor. There's also concealed storage space in the bottom that you can use for everything from cat toys to treats.


This cat house is a match made in heaven for midcentury modern-loving cat parents. It has tapered legs and an espresso-brown finish that's not only stylish but can also be used as an end table.

Great for cats and dogs, this pet day bed has water-resistant cushions and a birchwood frame, covering both style and functionality.

Can you believe you can buy this elegant cat tree on Amazon? It has a cat castle at the top with a clear bowl for the cutest views and has carpeted steps and hideout spots. Consider this the ultimate jungle gym for cats.


Introduce sweet pastels into your space with this adorable cat tree from Happy & Polly.

Swap out your typical cat tree for this pick with six layers of wood, sisal, and cushion territory for your feline friend to roam.

Stable, stylish, and easy to install, this perch is something your cat will love.

This hanging pet bed has a stunning macrame design with beaded accents that will look absolutely dreamy in your home.

Brighten up your space with this cat tree covered in plush light blue fabric and cream-colored sisal rope.

Here's another small space-friendly pick that's unique and well designed.

This pet bed doubles as an ottoman and is something both you and your cat can enjoy.

Bring natural elements indoors with this handcrafted cat tree topped with flower-shaped and cushioned perches.

This beautiful cat tree looks like a bookcase from afar but has geometric shelving compete with removable sisal and faux fur cushions.

Give your cat a cozy, modern oasis when you buy this handmade cat bed.

If you love the look of bouclé chairs, get your cat a matching one with this faux sherpa design with a similar soft texture.

This egg-shaped design gives modern pet beds a whole new meaning.

Crafted from solid wood, this sturdy design features three levels for your cat to explore and relax on.

With a luxe interior and exterior lined with faux fur, this cat tree will turn into your pet's favorite hangout spot.

Made from premium (and some recyclable) materials, this cat tree is ideal for anyone who needs a mid-size design that won't take up too much space.

If you're looking for a colorful and magical piece of decor for your home and your cat, this cat tree from Happy & Polly is a must. It's also available in a few different design variations to match your needs, whether you have a small space or have multiple cats.

We're loving this gorgeous cat cave design with a cozy interior and brass finish base.

Need a budget-friendly cat bed? Try this modern find from Chewy.

This cat condo from Wayfair looks like a midcentury modern playhouse. It has an open design on the top and a private hideaway at the bottom, giving your pet a few options to relax in style.

Made from sustainable materials, this cat tree has three levels and condos for your pet to choose from.

Is there anything more adorable than your cat lounging on a plush flower bed?

Ideal for one-cat households or apartments, this multi-level cat tree has two platforms and a cozy condo for long, luxurious cat naps.



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