10 Home Trends From the '90s That Will Transport You to Your Childhood Room

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Ask anyone born before 1985, and they'll tell you the same: The 1990s were the glory days. Along with Friends, platform sneakers, and Squeezits, the good ole '90s came with all kinds of quirky and colorful home decor items that, quite frankly, a lot of us are still here for.


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Ready to take a trip down memory lane? Read ahead for ten home trends from the '90s that'll transport you right back to your childhood room.

1. Country-esque Floral Wallpaper

Forget hip boho-inspired botanical prints—'90s floral wallpaper is where it's at. Kitschy, colorful, and a little French country — no home from the 1990s was complete without at least one floral wallpapered room.


2. Apothecary Tables

Whether it's a sweet flea market find or straight from Pottery Barn, a good apothecary table — like one with antique-style hardware and multiple CD-sized storage drawers — was essential to a well-designed '90s living room.


3. Laura Ashley Prints

The Spice Girls weren't the only British invasion of the 1990s. Known for its romantic, vintage-inspired floral prints, British brand Laura Ashley dominated both fashion and home decor trends of the 90s — in the form of flowy button-up dresses and frilly, flower-clad curtains and bedding.


4. Wavy CD Towers

Why would you ever stash your CDs in a boring, clean-lined tower when you could use a wild, wavy one instead? The '90s were all about bold and quirky fashion and home decor — so no surprise that shapely, geometrical storage towers were all the rage.


5. Inflatable Furniture

If you didn't have a piece of blowup furniture in your bedroom, were you even a '90s kid? Inflatable plastic chairs, pillows, and ottomans quite literally blew up in the 1990s, bringing new meaning to the phrase "floating furniture."


6. Wallpaper Borders

If you grew up in the '90s, chances are your bedroom, and every other bedroom in your house, bore some kind of wallpaper border. Nineties kids will recall cartoon-y wallpaper borders of the Disney variety, while their parents likely preferred French country-inspired floral and botanical styles.


7. Peephole Frames

Ah, the famed peephole frame from Friends. Along with defining the most iconic apartment door of the 1990s, the curvy yellow frame could (and still can be) found adorning the peepholes of Gen X-ers across the globe.


8. Psychedelic Wax Candles

If you thought psychedelic decor was reserved for the 1970s, think again. Teenage bedrooms of the 1990s were filled with cool kaleidoscopic wax candles that doubled as trippy artwork.

9. Semi-Transparent Phones

Remember when landlines were a thing? Totally clear phones were definitely a thing in the '90s. But let's not forget this later, popular phone style — mostly clear, usually in blue or green colors — that dominated teenage bedrooms.

10. Celestial Accessories

Celestial stuff was all over the '90s — on journals, dresses, tapestries, candles — you name it. Chances are you probably had some type of sun/moon/stars accessory in your room, whether it was a mirror or a hanging metal piece. Why this motif became so popular is still a mystery to us, but we're open to hearing your theories ...