From Candles to Pandemic Necessities, Here Are 18 Products We Loved in 2020

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We've spent a lot of time thinking about what makes a space feel like home. And in the spirit of 2020 ending, we're looking back at the product launches that brightened our spirits throughout the year.


From practical kitchenware to splurge-worthy candles to pandemic necessities, here are our favorite products of the year.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. P.F. Candle Co. Hand Sanitizer

Most hand sanitizers don't have the most appealing scents — does anyone actually like the smell of rubbing alcohol? Thankfully, P.F. Candle Co. debuted its own sprays featuring two of the brand's most popular aromatic blends, Teakwood and Tobacco and Amber and Moss.

2. IKEA Simrishamn Lights

IKEA hit a home run with its Simrishamn series of lights this year. With chrome-and-curves flair, the lamps (and a chandelier) exude funky '60s and '70s vibes.


3. Oobjek Sanitary Shopping Cart Handles

Even in the depths of lockdown, there's been one task we still needed to complete: grocery shopping. To avoid any potentially germy situations with shopping carts, Etsy seller Oobjek developed these touchless handles so you can use the cart without actually making contact.



4. Baggu Face Masks

Reusable bag company BAGGU launched a mask collection that shoppers found to be extremely comfortable — no behind-the-ear pain here! Plus, they feel super lightweight and breathable.


5. Craighill Sigma Touch Tool

Not a fan of touching elevator buttons or door knobs? Use the Craighill Sigma Touch Tool to avoid spreading germs on surfaces. It has a blunt end for pressing and a hooked end for latching onto things.


6. IKEA GÅRÖ Hammock

Given all the time we're spending at home these days, why not spruce up your patio or backyard with IKEA's Gårö hammock?



7. Le Creuset Heritage Mug

Hygge might be ​so​ 2017, but listen, we needed a little cozy comfort this year. So let us fill our absolutely adorable Le Creuset Heritage Mug with hot chocolate and call it a day!


8. Corkcicle Star Wars Drinkware

Corkcircle's Star Wars drinkware collection is undoubtedly the most impressive chic-meets-geek product launch of the year. Personally, we're kind of obsessed with this C-3PO and R2D2 combo.


9. Le Creuset Cosmos

Le Creuset's mesmerizing new color Cosmos, which debuted in time for spooky season, is so enthralling that we felt it more than deserved a spot on this list. You can order a number of classic products in the inky hue, from Dutch ovens to rectangular dishes.



10. Yamazaki Face Mask Dispenser

A tidy home is a happy home! Japanese brand Yamazaki launched a face mask dispenser that keeps your countertops clear and your masks clean.

11. Zimarty zMask

Forget your boring old disposable mask — Zimarty's origami-inspired zMask is practically a work of wearable art. The best part: Its folded design keeps the mask away from your face, so you can wear lip balm or lipstick underneath without smudging!

12. Whiled Puzzles

If you're looking for a new jigsaw puzzle to occupy your time, try one by newly launched brand Whiled, an offshoot of Alisha Ramos' Girls' Night In community. "Whiled was founded with a simple mission in mind: To help the world slow down and reclaim downtime," Ramos told Hunker.


13. Parachute Dinnerware by Jono Pandolfi

Parachute launched some pretty impressive new products this year, but our favorite has to be its moody, earthy dinnerware collaboration with artist Jono Pandolfi. (Although we also think the brand's airy linen curtains deserve second prize!)

14. Diptyque Winter Candles

If you're going to splurge on candles, Diptyque is the brand to choose. The French parfumerie's winter collection for 2020 features festive seasonal scents in whimsical votives.

15. Instant Pot Electric Kettle

If you've never heard of an electric kettle before, your life is about to change. It can boil water in just a few short minutes — far faster than boiling water in a pot on the stove. Instant Pot's model even lets you select the temperature for your water (like, for example, keeping things a little cooler for herbal teas).

16. Revival Rugs Furniture

Beloved rug source Revival Rugs debuted its first-ever line of furniture earlier this year, and we're in love with its warm, modern-meets-minimalist look.

17. Made In Plateware, Flatware, and Glassware

Rather unsurprisingly, Made In's three new lines had a waitlist a mile long before the products hit virtual shelves. The brand has developed a cult following for its chef-approved products that are both pretty and hardy.

18. Great Jones Bakeware Line

Colorful, peppy, and super practical, Great Jones' inaugural bakeware collection is ​_chef's kiss._​ "It's especially meaningful to launch bakeware this year, considering how much joy people have found in making banana bread, apple pie, and biscuit cobbler during hard times," co-founder Sierra Tishgart told Hunker.



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