It's Official: Great Jones Just Released the Prettiest Bakeware Line Ever

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When New York-based cookware company Great Jones launched in 2018, it was an immediate hit. Thanks to co-founder and former ​New York Magazine​ food editor Sierra Tishgart, the brand had chef friends and media supporters from the start, but it was the line of expertly engineered, jewel-toned Dutch ovens that captured the millennial home cook audience in an authentic way. Now, the industry darling and commercial success is releasing its largest, most requested collection to date: bakeware.


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The four new oven-to-table pieces are staples for the modern baker and come in rich, signature hues like Blueberry, Broccoli, and Mustard. In response to the popularity of its half-sized sheet pan Holy Sheet ($35), Great Jones used the same non-stick aluminized steel material for its durable Patty Cake round cake pan (2 for $65) and Breadwinner loaf pan (2 for $65). Hot Dish ($75) and Sweetie Pie ($45), the two ceramic stoneware items, are inspired by vintage Pyrex and adorned with a sweet, scalloped print.


With all our extra kitchen time in 2020, these tools are exactly what we need. "It's especially meaningful to launch bakeware this year, considering how much joy people have found in making banana bread, apple pie, and biscuit cobbler during hard times," Tishgart says.


We predict that both the individual products and the seven-piece Fully Baked set ($245) will certainly appear on wishlists around the country. They're perfect for holiday baking, so we suggest you get yours (to keep or gift) before it's too late.


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