This Furniture Collection Shows the Future of WFH

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For the people transitioning from a traditional office space to working from home, 2020 was a year of adjustments. We wrote about how to find an affordable but comfortable office chair; the essentials that got us through the work day; and how to maintain a work-life balance.


With 2021 around the corner, some companies will continue to make work-from-home an option. So we're looking towards the new year to see what other hacks we might discover. One thing's for sure: This is definitely a time to get creative with furniture. Resource Furniture has created a collection that does just that, with items that serve multiple purposes and work with small spaces. Designed and made in Italy, you can currently only request a quote for these items so they're bound to be an investment. But we also just love getting inspiration from the clever uses of space.

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Read on to learn about some of the cool items in the brand's Study Wherever collection:

Altea Board Wall Bed with Desk

The Murphy bed gets a modern twist through this unique offering, which transforms a desk into a bed. The coolest part is the items that you place on the shelf stay level so you can open and close everything without losing your notebooks.


Kali Board Wall Bed

This wall bed uses the same concept but it opens horizontally and features a seven-foot desk (with storage space as well). The brand says it's ideal for all ages, from kids to adults.


Speechio Transforming Table

We definitely didn't see this one coming. An ordinary-looking mirror on the wall actually becomes a 54-inch long table.



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