6 Surprising Work From Home Essentials

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WFH has been front of mind for us, and we've really been focusing on how to make our workdays most efficient and enjoyable. Along the way, we've discovered that yes, having the right desk chair and functional setup is key; however, we've discovered little details that have made our work-from-home experience more personal. See some of the surprising things our team incorporates into their everyday routines:


Video of the Day

"I light a candle every day at my WFH desk ... because I can! At the office, it's a no-no because it's a fire hazard — not to mention co-workers might not like the scent. At home, it's this Jenni Kayne candle on repeat. (Luckily all family members like it.)" — Laurie

"This little machine is a game-changer if you like your drinks super chilled and don't have an automatic ice machine in your freezer. I've since discovered a retro version that looks way cooler from the same brand, but the Frigidaire plug-in ice maker is definitely a WFH essential. It just sits right on the counter, and whenever I need a pick-me-up I grab a few cubes and start crunching. " — Lowe

"I drink hella water so this saves a trip to the kitchen ...which is like a couple steps away." — Mory

"I recently started studying one tarot card per day in the morning. I sit down at my desk with my laptop open, pull a card, and read about its meaning on Biddy Tarot, and then I keep the card out all day on my desk. This practice has helped me to establish a routine and I feel it really has a few benefits. First, it gives me a bit of a "treat" before the workday begins (even if it's just a 10 minute treat). Second, I like to consider the card's meaning throughout the day and see if it reveals anything in my approach to work/life. Third, it's actually feeling great for my memory. At the end of the day, I try to recall what I've learned, and I'll also try to recall it the next morning before I pull the next card." — Leonora


"One thing I was not prepared for when I started working from home full-time was how dry my skin would get from being exposed to central air (or heat) 24/7. In addition to adding this amazing, gentle exfoliator to my daily routine, I got this cute desktop humidifier for my WFH space. Unlike most humidifiers that are ugly plastic monstrosities, this one is disguised as a candle and takes up hardly any space on my small desk. You can even run it via the USB port on your computer if you don't have a nearby outlet." — Gina

"Peak laziness perhaps, but when I use this on my coffee table, it makes my laptop the perfect height for working from my couch." — Katie