I HATE Halloween Decor But I Love This Halloween Wreath

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Not to rain all over the parade that is Halloween, but personally? I've just never been that into it. I do enjoy a good pumpkin and I generally like all of the fall decor that coincides with Halloween, but when it comes to Halloween-specific decor, there's just little that catches my eye.


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Until today. While browsing Pottery Barn for some throw pillows (hi, I think I need two of these), I somehow stumbled into the faux wreaths section and landed on this: a black, glittery wreath with bat silhouettes.

I think it's the materials used that make me feel like this is a Halloween-y variation of something I'd totally own — the base is rattan, which is in black paint. Throughout, LED lights powered by AAA batteries offer a cheery twinkle.

And ... it almost looks like you could remove the bats for after Halloween. So ... do I need this? Y/N?

Buy now: Pottery Barn Pre-Lit Black Glitter Branch Wreath With Bats, $59