Costco's New Hot Cocoa Bomb Will Get You Excited for Spooky Season

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There's about one month left of summer, but we're already dreaming about fall — and it looks like we're not alone. According to a recent post by Instagram user @costco_doesitagain, Costco is currently selling Halloween-themed hot cocoa bombs that look like ... wait for it ... bloodshot eyeballs. Spooky!


If you're unfamiliar with hot cocoa bombs, they're hollow chocolate spheres filled with edible goodies like mini marshmallows or sprinkles. When you drop one into a glass of hot milk or water, the chocolate sphere will melt, causing an explosion of delicious ingredients. Needless to say, it makes drinking hot chocolate pretty exciting.

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Hot cocoa bombs were super popular during the 2020 winter holiday season, but since then, they've found their way into the autumn scene as well. After all, who says hot chocolate is just for winter?

At Costco, the white chocolate hot cocoa bombs are sold in packs of 16. One box costs $19.99, which equals out to about $1.25 per piece. But since it's still technically summer, you might want to call Costco before stopping by to check if the item is in stock.


Should you use hot milk or water for hot cocoa bombs?

Ultimately, it's up to you and what you have on hand. But there are some things to keep in mind when using either option.

For the richest cup of hot cocoa, hot milk is your best bet. You can also use non-dairy milk, like oat or almond milk. It's worth noting that some plant-based milks are thicker than others (like soy and coconut milk), so they might work best in the drink.


Hot water will work with hot cocoa bombs. The resulting beverage will be less decadent than milk-based hot cocoa, but it should still taste good. Another option is to use half water and half milk. Cheers!



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