Your Stove Hood Vent Deserves a Little More Thought — Here's Why

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Stove hood vents can be a fickle feature in a kitchen. They may oscillate between an eyesore and a focal point — depending on how they're built and integrated — but beyond aesthetics, they serve a functional purpose that renders them a necessity. Imagine a bubbling pot sitting on the range, its fumes rising up and dispersing throughout the room. A stove hood vent's primary objective is to prevent that — or any sort of smells, grease particles, and heat — from lingering in the air.


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On a basic level, you generally have two types: vented and non-vented. Both have the same goal, to circulate the air, but they achieve it through different means. A vented or ducted hood takes the fumes and releases them outside while a ductless one uses a filter and then recirculates the air inside. The former is a more preferable option across the board since it's filtering out the odors and grease, in lieu of recycling the air. It also does a significantly better job than its counterpart and has the ability to remove moisture and heat as well. Naturally, there are spaces (typically in rentals) where you don't have the physical capability of installing a vented hood and therefore will be forced to default to non-vented.

Stove hood vents come in all shapes and sizes and are even, at times, incorporated within a microwave, which is an ideal solution for those looking to maximize a small space. They're generally located above a stove, regardless if that lives on a kitchen island or underneath a set of cabinets. From wood finishes to sleek copper detailing, stove hood vents can seriously dress up your cook space with a lot of flair. And when all else fails, you can conceal them with a chic cover. Ahead, six of the most popular picks on the market right now.

1. ZLINE Kitchen & Bath 36-Inch Ducted Stainless Steel Island Range Hood, $1,148.95

This island stove hood vent features a four-speed fan with reduced noise and built-in lighting for a brighter cook space. Its stainless steel baffle filters are dishwasher-safe so you can easily clean them out whenever you please. And the linear shape is all about a streamlined build that can fit right in with a wide variety of aesthetics.


2. Bertazzoni 30-Inch Contemporary Canopy Hood, Master Series, $1,499 - $1,699

Bertazzoni is becoming an increasingly popular fixture on the kitchen appliance front and their sleek, design-forward take on stove hood vents are no exception. Available in a variety of colorways, this Italian-made option features three power settings plus a booster function, and can fit ceilings up to 10 feet tall.

3. Ancona Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood, $429.99

This highly rated, adjustable stove hood vent may be a bargain, but it's still up to the job. Its three-speed push-button controls will effectively rid your cook space of moisture, heat, and odors thanks to a 440 CFM motor. Its round duct and compact design, void of bold logos or detailing, make it a prime addition to any minimalist kitchen.

4. Viking 5 Series 36-Inch Wide 10-Inch High Wall Hood and Ventilator, starting at $1,349

When it comes to kitchen appliances, Viking is a power player from whom you can expect high-quality products with durability at their core. This heavy-duty stove hood vent features a seamless design available in a wide range of colors and lighting with dimmers, which allow for the ultimate customization. Heat sensors automatically ramp up the ventilator when needed and its professional-style build guarantees to keep your kitchen free of unpleasant elements.


5. Kobe Range Hoods 30-Inch Brillia 550 CFM Ducted Insert Range Hood, $409

If you're looking for a less intrusive alternative that will fit seamlessly beneath the cabinets above your range, go for an insert hood similar to this sleek option. Built with three ventilation speeds, it manages to operate with a 550 CFM motor at surprisingly quiet levels.

6. Broan 30-Inch Convertible Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Range Hood, $479

Broan's contemporary take on a vented hood features a chimney-style design and an arched glass canopy that offers a little more visual interest and space versus its bulky rectangular counterparts. The wall-mounted hood comes with a three-speed control system and a duct that can accommodate ceilings up to nine-feet tall.


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