7 Goof-Proof DIY Ideas to Help Your Home Sell Faster

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A little bit of TLC goes a long way when prepping your home to go on the market. Along with making your place more appealing to buyers, the right renovations can actually help your home sell faster — and for more money.


Looking for some easy and affordable DIY home renovation ideas to prep your place to sell? From painting your kitchen cabinets to swapping out bathroom knobs, we asked a few real estate experts for their advice and here's what they had to share.

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1. Apply a fresh coat of paint.

Ask any real estate agent and they'll tell you the same thing: A good paint job can fix anything. "White walls translate into a clean slate, so it's the best paint color to paint a home for sale," says agent Noemi Bitterman of Warburg Realty. "It allows buyers to envision themselves in the space."

2. Swap out sink fixtures.

Searching for a foolproof way to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom in less than a day? Bitterman recommends replacing the fixtures in each space. "Changing faucets in the bathroom and/or kitchen is a DIY project that changes the whole feel of the sink," she explains. "It gives an old sink a clean new fresh look and all you'll need is a wrench, a small bucket and putty knife, and the new faucet. Just take care to watch an online video and follow any instructions to ensure the plumbing is done properly."


3. Upgrade outdated light fixtures.

The right lighting can make or break the ambience of a space. "Changing out old lighting for classic or modern chandeliers can add a significant pop of personality to a room," agent Samantha Rose Frith explains. "Replace any incandescent light bulbs, which can make a room feel cold and sterile, with low wattage LED bulbs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere inside your home."


4. Replace old hardware.

Brand new, nice-looking knobs and pulls can instantly elevate the vibe of a whole room, which is why broker Gill Chowdhury recommends changing out any dated hardware throughout your home for an easy DIY project. "All you need to replace the old hardware on your cabinets, closets, drawers, and more is masking tape, rollers, and plastic to protect your floors," he says. "You'll also need the new hardware and a screwdriver_."_



5. Update out-of-date cabinets.

Let's face it: Renovating an entire kitchen or bathroom can get costly. Luckily, Frith says a little paint can go a long way when updating an out-of-date space. "If you can't afford to replace kitchen or bathroom cabinets, think about refreshing them with a new paint color," she says.


6. Do a deep de-cluttering.

According to agent Jeanne Byers, a home that's clean and clutter-free is more likely to sell faster. "My number one home improvement recommendation is to cull down excess stuff," she explains. "Whether it's books, magazines, clothes, art, furniture, or rugs, get rid of the items you no longer like, need, use or that just look bad."


7. Create storage opportunities.

When all else fails, agent Jeremy Kamm says you can always count on an extra organized kitchen to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. "Homes with custom organizations that designate certain areas or spaces to park household items always come across more impressively," he explains. "Kitchen drawers with built-in separators and slots for silverware; cabinets that organize Tupperware, pots, and pans; pantry closets that hang brooms, mops, and an ironing board — these sorts of DIY projects are easily doable with a little help from Google."



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