Home Chores to Do When You Feel Like You Should Be Cleaning EVERYTHING

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Chances are, right now, you're home. And in between working, eating, sleeping, and doing just about all your living at home right now, you can't escape the realities of your place. You're seeing everything, all the time, and now perhaps with more of a discerning eye. Maybe with even a nervous eye. Is your place as clean, scrubbed, and sanitized as possible? If you feel like just about everything in your space needs a good cleaning, here are some projects to start on ... at least for some peace of mind, if not for something to do.


1. Keep the inside of your fridge smelling good.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Chances are you've bought more food than usual. Chances are some food might expire. So, add this to your refrigerator.

2. Keep the inside of your home smelling good.


More time inside = more funk factor. Keep it fresh with a DIY freshener.

3. Disinfect your washing machine.

Especially if someone has been sick. But you may still just want to give it a deep clean any time.


4. REALLY clean your sheets and towels.

Again, try this method for whenever you want to do a deep clean, and for sure after someone has been sick. You'll want to sanitize those linens.

5. Clean these particular things and places in your home during cold and flu season.


Because germs lurk in secret places.

6. Give your place an always-clean look by following these three things.

You might not be expecting company to drop in, but you'll be able to stay on top of having your place feel orderly and free of chaos – and isn't that exactly what we're all needing right now?


7. Make your own antibacterial surface spray.

This way you don't have to rely on the store having an all-purpose spray cleaner in stock.

8. Keep bacteria off of kitchen counters.



Please clean your kitchen counters. Especially if you're putting your grocery bags on top of them after you shop.

9. Hand wipes for every room.

Just have these at the ready for remotes, door knobs, iPhones, you name it.


10. Don't forget to wipe down your bathroom backsplash.

Banish the grime from tile.

11. Clean your kitchen floor often.


We've got four different cleaning DIYs, depending on the material of your floor.

12. Scrub your white kitchen sink.

Get it sparkling and sanitized.


13. Clean your coffee machine.

Assuming that you're making more coffee at home, and not getting your afternoon joe out and about. You'll want to keep that machine in tip-top shape.

14. Wash your Instant Pot, the right way.


We know that you're making so many more meals at home right now. Are you using your Instant Pot? If so, here's how to clean it properly.

15. Deep clean your refrigerator.

Every six months, but maybe now is really the best time.



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