Grocery Stores Empty? These Cleaning Solutions Will Help

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No matter where you live right now, it seems as though stores (including online) are selling out of basic cleaning supplies. So, time to take matters into your own hands, literally, and make your own cleaning solutions.


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1. Produce cleaner

As you bring home produce, be extra vigilant about cleaning it before you eat it.


2. All-purpose surface spray.

Everyone needs an antibacterial spray to clean home surfaces.


3. Antibacterial hand wipes.

Hand wipes for cleaning phones, remote controls, door handles, kitchen and bathroom faucets … you name it.


4. Hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer is super hard to find these days, so this recipe should hold you over.


5. Dish soap.

Dish soap for all those dishes, now that you're not eating out for a while.


Plus, some basic cleaning tips:

1. Deep clean your fridge.


2. Disinfect sheets and towels after a sickness.

3. And then, disinfect that washing machine.

4. Clean your sponges!

5. Specifically clean these household things during flu season.

6. And finally, make your house alway look clean ... for your own peace of mind.