Where to Find the Last Toilet Paper and Other Household Essentials

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It's not looking pretty out there, folks. The grocery stores are wiped. Amazon is sold out of ... almost everything. We scoured online retailers to find what you might be desperately searching for. As of time of publication, these items were available. (Some were not available for immediate shipping, but promise to be delivered in about a week.)


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1. Ever Spring Recycled Toilet Paper - 12 count, $5.99

Amazon and Walmart are basically sold out of toilet paper, but Target still has some options. You can also get this in a 24-pack.


2. Seventh Generation Lemongrass Citrus Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, $3.99

This might be a "bathroom" cleaner but seeing as most disinfecting cleaners are sold out, this will still work fine in kitchens, etc.


3. Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels White - 8 Doubles Plus Rolls = 20 Regular Rolls, $16.99

4. Goya Black Beans (pack of 6), $12.99


Dunno about you, but our local grocery stores were WIPED clean of all canned beans and veg.


5. Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Hand Soap, $4.99

We think this one snuck under the radar because it looks like dish soap, but it's actually anti-bac hand soap.


6. Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Instant Brown Rice (3 pack), $7.15

A lot of the online retailers are sold out of your basic bags of rice — this three-pack of Uncle Ben's is some of the only brown rice we could find.


7. Lysol Professional All-Purpose Cleaner, $7.91

It won't be delivered until Wednesday, March 18, but might be fastest option TBH.


8. Barilla Elbow Pasta, $1.39

Target still has plenty of pasta options.

9. Simply Balanced Organic Tomato Sauce, $2.79

10. Seattle's Best Dark Roast Coffee, $4.48

11. Glass Pocket Thermometer, $9.89

Thermometers are completely sold out, but this old-school glass thermometer is available on two-day delivery. Still works!

12. Brita Standard Replacement Filters for Pitchers and Dispensers, $6.58

With bottled water running low, it's time to get a water filter if you don't already have one.

13. Equate Flu & Severe Cold & Cough, $3.74

14. Advil (50 count), $6.28