20 DIY Solutions for a Super Clean Kitchen (Naturally)

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Welcome to Healthy Home: This is the moment to double down on making your home as healthy as possible, whether it's finding nontoxic cookware, trying out new natural cleaning methods, or turning your space into a fitness and wellness zone.

Common household ingredients such as baking soda, white vinegar, and lemons make it easier than ever to clean your kitchen with natural, chemical-free solutions. Add in some essential oils and you'll have gorgeous scents as well. We've rounded up our favorite, most effective DIY cleaning ideas for a happy and healthy home.


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1. Sustain a sparkling kitchen sink by cleaning it nightly with this citrus-smelling scrub.

2. Keep your garbage disposal clean and odor-free with these easy-to-make mini refreshers.

3. Give your microwave a stain-fighting steam clean with just a three ingredients.

4. Banish grim buildup from behind your stove with this degreaser spray.

5. Learn how to properly care for and clean a cast iron skillet using vegetable oil and baking soda.

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6. Follow these steps when you need to give your fridge a deep clean.


7. Get rid of cloudy film on your cocktail glasses with this mixture that makes things crystal clear.

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8. Wash your produce in a DIY solution that will make your fruits and vegetables safe to eat.

9. Try this hassle-free way to clean your oven racks. It's so easy.

10. Make a quick kitchen cabinet cleaner where orange essential oil is the grease-busting hero.

11. Rid your refrigerator of bad smells with a baking soda odor absorber.

12. Give your trash can a good cleaning with these simple steps and get rid of the yuck factor.


13. Get your gas stove sparkling with this spray degreaser.

14. Learn exactly how to clean an electric stove, including the coils.

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15. If you have a ceramic or glass stovetop, this cleaning tutorial is for you.

16. Oh, boy — got a burnt pot? This solution will work, even if you've already tried soaking and scrubbing your pot.

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17. Bad tasting coffee is a major bummer, so here's how to clean your coffee machine.

18. Make stainless steel appliances shine by using this cleaner that disinfects, too.


19. Give the inside of your dishwasher a good cleaning (yes, really) at least once a month.

20. Bacteria is real, especially when it comes to sponges, so please do this to extend your sponge's life while keeping it germ-free.


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