Tools to Help You Tackle Your Backyard Fix-It Jobs

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So, you have some backyard projects piling up on your to-do list. Some are fix-it jobs, some are basic chores — and some are simply things you want to do to make your space look and feel nicer. Now is the perfect time to finally address that list. So, let's get to it. Below, we suggest our favorite all-around tools, plus how you might want to use them. Have fun with it — put on some sunscreen, crank the tunes, pour a glass of iced tea, and get busy making your backyard space the best it can possibly be.


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Tool #1: Louisville Ladder 6' Alum Step Ladder, $59

What we love about this ladder is that there is a built-in tray with compartments to hold all your tools. Every home should have this for general maintenance and upkeep.

Round wicker chairs, white cushioned sofa, white stool and string lights

Fix-It Jobs: Use your ladder to hang up string lights around your outdoor living area. Or, for cleaning out your gutters. (Yes, less charming than adding twinkling lights, but needs to be done.)

Tool #2: HART 20-Volt Cordless Drill and Impact Combo Kit, $94

If you plan on doing fix-it jobs outdoors (or in), you need a drill. It makes everything so much easier to tackle — especially for many DIY patio projects you might be interested in trying. This kit comes with both a drill and impact driver, so it covers all your needs. With both of these devices, you get to control how much power you want to use.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse for Hunker

Fix-It Jobs: Putting up outdoor speakers, assembling that garden bed, or for DIY projects such as putting together a vertical plant wall or building an outdoor Murphy bar. (See that bar above? We built that using the drill! And so can you with this step-by-step tutorial.)


Tool #3: HART 20-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Comfort Grip, $19.74

Who doesn't love a little bit of variety in life? This set has a screwdriver to fit all your needs. Oh, and that comfort grip they all have? ::Chef's kiss::

Fix-It Jobs: Use a screwdriver to attach anchors when adding a sailcloth for shade, or for fixing an outdoor light fixture.

Tool #4: HART 22oz Steel Hammer, $23.97

A definite must for everyone's tool belt, this hammer in particular is lightweight, durable, and has a magnetic nail starter to make it easier to drive nails.

Fix-It Jobs: Literally for everything, including fixing fences, mending broken furniture, hanging up bird feeders or hammocks, or for hammering stakes into the ground when you want to put up that cute tent for a backyard glampover. (Trust us, a glampover is a perfect boredom fixer.)


Tool #5: Sun Joe SPX200E Electric Pressure Washer, $102.36

Welcome to the tool you never knew you would love so much. This dirt-blaster is perfect for light to medium duty cleaning jobs. You can control the water pressure with the twist nozzle and adjustable spray wand.

Fix-It Jobs: To clean dirt, grime, mold, dust and more from your fences, patios or decks, brick, concrete, or tiled areas. (Do not use on older pieces of furniture, painted items, or decks and fences that have dry rot.)