4 DIY Projects That Will Take Your Outdoor Space to the Next Level

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After spending the past year inside, we've ​all​ been dreaming of the tune-ups our spaces could definitely use. And what better time to tackle those "I'll get to it eventually" backyard projects than, well, this super sunny (and outdoor-filled) summer?


From a family garden that'll give your yard a colorful upgrade to creating a patio area for summertime dinners and hangouts, we rounded up several different outdoor DIY projects you and your whole household can take on this summer.

Okay, we know what you're thinking: How do I outfit my (basically non-existent) workshop with all the tools I'll need to get these projects done? Won't that be super expensive? Your answer: Opting for renting instead of buying equipment you're bound to use once before it starts collecting dust and taking up space in your garage.


"Renting equipment is an efficient and cost effective method for getting your outdoor project done, and it can help you 'think big' with your project," says Josh Nickell, vice president at American Rental Association. "Since you won't need to buy all the equipment, you'll be able to do more with your budget and you can take on larger projects."


RentalHQ.com is the world's largest (yes, largest!) store locator, where you can find equipment to rent for any kind of home-improvement project you have in the works. And not only can you stock up on tools, but you can also gain helpful ideas, tips, and tricks, straight from DIY experts.

Keep reading for four different DIY-friendly projects you can now feel empowered to tackle in your backyard this summer — plus all the right tools to get the job(s) done.


Create a fire pit

Weekly marshmallow roasts on your lawn? Yes please. First, make sure you have a clear lot of space in your backyard. If you're dealing with low-hanging branches encroaching on your kick-back space, find a wood chipper to rent from a store in your area on RentalHQ — FYI, learn essentially everything about this piece of machinery on its FAQ page — and use the mulch for another project in your backyard.


Once the space is clear, you'll need to select stone or brick (whichever one best aligns with your aesthetic), choose which shape you want the fire pit to be (round, square, rectangle), and start assembling. Pro tip: Snag a wheelbarrow or cart for transporting materials without tiring yourself out from the get-go.

Build a patio pergola

Create your own restaurant-level space for al-fresco dinners and hangouts with a DIY pergola. Keep it simple, and go for a rectangle or square shape, and stock up on plenty of lumber for your posts and beams. Since this is a more in-depth project that requires you to work higher off the ground, you might consider setting up scaffolding to ensure you stay safe while DIY-ing.


Head over to RentalHQ to find where to rent your scaffolding, along with a few power tools that'll bring your patio pergola to life, like a miter saw, jigsaw, and power drill. Oh, and you'll want your new entertaining space to start out spotless, so add a pressure washer to your rental wishlist for a super fresh-and-clean aesthetic.


Line your yard with a picket fence

If a fence has been on your home to-do list for years, now's the time. After you've marked out exactly where you want your fence, it's time to dig your holes. For this project, rent a one-man portable post hole auger, which has the capabilities of the two-man post auger, but is light enough for one person to handle (aka, a DIY-er's dream).


Now all you have to do is set the posts, trim them down to the height you prefer, attach the rails, and give your fence a simple paint job. Avoid streaks or brush lines with a paint sprayer (head to RentalHQ to find out where you can pick one up!) that'll cut your painting time in half while providing all-over, professional-grade coverage.

Start a family garden

Have a random patch of grass you don't know what to do with? Or are you simply looking for a household bonding activity? A family garden is the project that'll continue to give back for seasons to come.

Map out where you'd like your garden to live, decide what you want to plant (and the best practices for said future blooms or veggies), and then it's garden go-time. To create a clean, carved-out look, rent a wood chipper to break down branches into mulch to keep weeds away from your family's creation.

And if you run into any green-thumb-related issues, RentalHQ has plenty more gardening tools (as well as advice and hacks) to help you get to your outdoor DIY finish line. Now it's time to identify the tune-up spots around the yard that need your attention, rent some high-quality tools, and get to work this summer.