7 Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Colors You'll See Everywhere in 2020

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A new decade has begun, and you know what that means? Trends are shifting once again, and right now, we are loving the popular bathroom colors we're seeing. We've noticed that these current hues, from blush to blues to greens, are fresh, saturated, and all-too-obviously nod to the outdoors.


In 2019, we saw the beginnings of the wellness trend, and you should expect that to continue even stronger in 2020. That means bathroom cabinet hues that contribute to a spa-like atmosphere, and colors that inspire tranquility and a sense of calm.

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Here are six trending bathroom cabinet colors for 2020:

1. Classic Blue

Pantone's Color of the Year is Classic Blue, and boy, you can't get much more classic than this. Reminding us of the ocean, it's a deeply-peaceful hue that happens to look gorgeous on bathroom cabinets. For instance, in this bathroom styled by Erin of Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry, the cabinets pop against the white surroundings and add a water-inspired touch to the space.


Get the look: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

2. Pine

Another color we'll be seeing a lot in 2020 is pine, which immediately transports us to a grove of trees. It's soothing yet contemporary at the same time, and it happens to be perfect among bathroom cabinet colors. We love the nature-centric hue of these cabinets seen in a bathroom designed by Erin and Kirsten of House of Jade.


Get the look: Benjamin Moore Jack Pine

3. Sky Blue

Is there anything fresher than warm breezes, a few puffy, white clouds, and a beautiful blue sky? Capture that same feel with a hue that's definitely trending for 2020: Sky Blue. Hailing from the pastel family, it's a shade that's all grown up when paired with marble countertops and brass fixtures, a look that's mastered in this bathroom designed by Shea of Studio McGee.



Get the look: Benjamin Moore Polaris Blue

4. Blush

Many color forecasters included delectable shades of pink among their predictions. Now that this particular tone of blush is being woven into modern spaces, including bathroom cabinet colors, we can't get enough of it. Whispery and soft, like those little pink clouds that dot a sunset, we think it's lovely in a bathroom, like this one styled by design duo CC + Mike.


Get the look: Sherwin-Williams Quartz Blush (no longer available—we suggest color matching)

5. Teal

Another ocean-like shade you'll be seeing in 2020 bathroom is teal. We adore it for kitchens, but we are fans of it in bathrooms, too. It makes a bath look distinctive without overwhelming it, witnessed in this bath belonging to Leslie of Deeply Southern Home.


Get the look: KILZ Oceans Deep

6. Blue-Gray

Gray for cabinets has been around for a little while, often seen in shades of traditional gray or dialing it to the dark side in slate. Right now, the hue is not quite gray, not quite blue, so we're going to call it blue-gray. Especially striking in traditional and farmhouse bathrooms, we think it was a spot-on choice in this bathroom belonging to Shannon of Living with Lady.



Get the look: Sherwin-Williams Wall Street

7. Mint

Adding a touch of mint to your bathroom will be like a breath of fresh air. Landing somewhere between green and blue, designers are increasingly using it for cabinets, something we are totally in favor of. Look no further than this bathroom designed by Kate Lester Interiors to see how mint can quite literally freshen up a space.

Get the look: Farrow & Ball Dix Blue



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