These Are the Grandma Chic Trends We Keep Seeing, Love 'Em or Leave 'Em

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There comes a time when you might stop yourself and ask: wait, these decor trends look kind of familiar? Scratch that: there come a few times when you realize this, considering that trends come and go. Sometimes we are, in fact, inclined to splurge on something like a vintage '80s lamp. And as evidence by Instagram and Pinterest, there's one style that is having a moment, even while it might be divisive: grandma chic.


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We mean old-school, traditional furniture and decor that reminds you more of your dear grandparent than it does what you might see in a CB2 catalog.

These are the grandma chic, or grandmillennial, trends we've been noticing lately. Do you love them or hate them?


Old-School Tissue Box Covers

Image Credit: Urban Outfitters

We've already talked about these beaded tissue boxes before, but they're worth revisiting because they're really, um, something. If you don't want a colorful one, go for the classic off-white, kinda always-dirty look.


There's also the porcelain option, equally in line with grandmillennial aesthetics.


Knick Knacks Meet Practical Items

You could definitely line your mantel with figurines (bonus points if they sit on doilies), or you could just find items that are both practical and kitschy.


Why have just regular salt and pepper shakers when you could have two little bears instead?


And here's just one more pet-themed lamp for good measure.


All Macrame Everything

We love a chic macrame wall hanging as much as the next person but somehow the trend keeps extending to everything from mirrors to coasters.


You can even find macrame pendant lamps.

Classic Delicate Florals

Florals never go out of style, except for when Miranda Priestly says so. From bedding to wallpaper, chintz is definitely having a moment.

You can even find it in plenty of modern furniture.

Cabinet/Sink Skirts

We're starting to notice skirts instead of doors in certain cabinets, sinks, and dressers. Bonus points if the skirt has ruffles, too.

Why not show off your best trinkets and tie it all together with a floral skirt, floral curtains ... floral everything?

What's old will always be Instagrammable again.